home again

Well, we are back from the short vacation. It is wonderful being retired, and with enough money to travel with if we are careful.We both work occasionally at part time jobs, and this is a big supplement for our travel fund.

In addition, travelling to places in the off-season certainly keeps prices down.

For example, the Caribbean during hurricane season, whether a 7 day cruise or 7 day all-inclusive. Booking only three or four days before leaving allows you to check the national hurricane center for a forecast before booking.

Using the internet for research and finding the best deal is relatively simple. So many cruise sites are available, besides others like orbitz, expedia, hotels.com etc.... the list is endless.

I will be back to regular posting in the next few days, once the laundry, cutting the grass, gardening, and all the other sundries (paying bills) are completed.We took the trusty wooden hairbrush with us, and Cindy used it once on my bare bottom as a preventive measure to make certain that I did not drink too much when we were going out with some friends. Cindy did her preliminary warm-up with a long effective hand spanking, followed by a good strong session with the hairbrush. Somehow, it being smaller than the bath brush, Cindy really gets in the swinging mood to make certain the spanking is effective. Rachel and D would be well pleased with the results.

Sitting on a red bottom certainly slows one down in ordering a round of drinks!

Knowing that a further spanking was promised to occur immediately when we were back in our hotel, on a bottom that was still a rosy red if I did over indulge, could make a person learn to love tea.Fortunately for all, the evening was a wonderful time, without anyone over-indulging.



Rachel said...

Welcome back. Glad to hear you had a good time. Unfortunately you did not receive the nice return warming you deserve for not sending us a posting while you were away. Glad all is safe and sound and ready to glow for us on Halloween.

Hermione said...

I'm glad you are back safe and sound. I'll look forward to your posts.


Red said...

rachel: I never want to connect to blogger while away. Someone seeing me write a post would be unwise.
Hermione:thanks, i will catch up on yours after the daily chores have been caught up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for choosing our pics for your post from our DVD - "Parker School Punishment 101." Ms. Parker gives that guy numerous paddlings and a taste of soap as well! You can find that DVD and so many more by just visiting www.scarletthill.com. -- Barbara Lewis

Red said...

Barbara :Thanks for permitting me to post these... I will do a post in the next month of two (oct or nov 2013) when not on vacation... and put a link to your site on the posting
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