Hiatus for another vacation

Life is grand, and even better when you can drop everything and travel when a bargain comes by. That is what is about to happen, so see you in two weeks. I hope you don't consider me to be a bad boy by going away for two weeks.Then again, it can be fun or not so much fun, depending on the intensity, when the dropping everything is your pants and underwear. However, do be careful of who might hear your spanking.But, then again, maybe it is time to share this wonderful, but painful way of solving problems in a relationship. The next photo looks like a great follow-up to the previous captioned photo.These captioned pictures came from a new site I found, on a recommendation from a friend.
Enjoy all the other wonderful spanking blogs that are in existence. If you see something you really like, drop me a note so that I can look and then publicize it.



ronnie said...

Enjoy and have fun Red.


Rachel said...

There is nothing like a good relaxing vacation. Enjoy your second vacation and make sure you get a good thorough spanking as that will add perspective to it for you. Have a great time and may you have red moons to tell us about.
Rachel & aj

Hermione said...

But you just got back! How you youngsters can keep on the go like that is beyond me. But then, I'm exhausted after a trip to Costco.

Have fun, dear friend, and tell us all about it when you return.


Underling said...

I don't think you're a bad boy, but you're certainly a lucky one! Enjoy your vacation. Again :).

By the way, what is it about captioned photos that makes them so compelling? It's such a simple idea - take a picture of an attractive woman gazing into the camera and then add a stern monologue. Instant hotness!

Anonymous said...

great captions :)

Red said...

ronnie; thanks, we did
Rachel: a couple of spankings did accompany the vacation
Hermione: life is an adventure, so we keep travelling. Will tell more privately.
Underling: definite hotness when words added to photos.
Weave: thanks goes ot Mooska