Happy to be spanked

We are back in town after a fun vacation! I will update when time permits.

I thought in keeping with the name of the blog, that I should show some women having fun with spanking!

The first has to be the happiest woman I have ever seen over someones kneeThe second entry appears to be the spankee attempting to grimace to give true meaning to the spanking, but the person beside them does not even appear to know, so the acting is great.
The third entry appears to be in some room, maybe their dorm, but the room looks to big for being a dorm room. Appears also that at least one extra hand is wanting in on the action.
The last two seem to me to have the same woman who is the spnaker in photo four, being the spankee in photo five.
The only disappointing thing of these photos is that it is only women spanking women, when they would very easily find many males willing to be the role of the spanker. Hopefully they are liberated enough to ask a male to spank them also, for fun.
May all your spankings be consensual :-D


  1. Great candid photos.I love the photos of real life spankings.

    Its much easier to find them of women being spanked then ones of men.But i have noticed in the last couple of years that college guys on Webshots and Flikr are more and more likly to submissivly stick thier butt out to be spanked playfully by young women.

    i love the blog. Thanks for maintaining it

  2. I would add that i love the photos where the spankee puts thier rear end out submissively or lays on the spankers lap in a submissive pose.But i like it when its not overly fetish.Thats just my own personal taste.Im probably one of your few readers that prefers to see men spanked more then women[although i like both kinds of photos]

    i would love to see some photos of bookworm and intellectual type of women .Especially if they are doing the spanking .Its great when the shy type of women turn the tables on a man

  3. Bob: I would willingly stick my bare bottom out for a young woman to spank it, but only with Cindy's approval.
    Glad you like the blog, I have fun writing it. And thanks for commenting. Hope you see my reply.

    Photos or drawings of men being spanked by women is very powerful for me. If you ever have any you would like me to consider posting, please send them to me.

  4. redxxx
    Thank you for your reply.But to be honest with you im in my 40s and still trying to get used to e-mail.Sending photos online is for now beyond my abilities.Sorry that i cant contribute more for your blog. maybe one day.Until then i can only send you my appreciation

  5. Bob: your commenting is greatly appreciated. Also, I am glad to know that you are staying anonymous except for a blogger account, so that spanking and regular life and work and family do not have emails being mixed.


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