A great find: Ms Cassandra Park

By a rather circuitous path, I have came across a website that is intriguing for all to read.Ms. Cassandra Park is a person fully into the spanking scene, and loving it by everything I have read. Her posting today of a spanking scene (a family way) was very hot. Here is a link to that page if you only come across my blog in the future,

The main page is obviously reached by clicking on :

The circuitous path:
From emails sent by a spanking yahoo group

I clicked on a posting that lead me to this video.


If you click on this link above, you will see Ms Cassandra Park being spanked and caned, with a real spanking. The video ends with a woodshedvideos.com address, but this seems to no longer be in existence. Aha! I have seen this lady in some other pictures, so let's try to find more information.A google search on southeastern woodshed spanking videos yielded

southeastern - Spanko - Free Spanking Videos and Personals Social ...

26 Jan 2010 ... southeastern Woodshed - Holly, Cassandra & male · Spanking Videos (F/M) southeastern Woodshed - Holly,... Added: 3rd February 2010 ...

and this lead to the name Cassandra Park! A quick google on her name lead to her site.

What I really like is that Ms. Cassandra has experienced both sides of spanking. The spankings she gives and receives are real, but within the boundaries set by her clients, or in her case, by herself as to the level of the spankings.

I am hoping by the links that Ms. Cassandra will permit me to include a few pictures of herself in this posting. She is a professinal spanker that loves her career, and also enjoys playing on her own.

From her site:
"I enjoy disciplining young men and ladies who need a good lesson. I especially enjoy delivering a no-nonsense bare-bottomed hand spanking, a strapping or belting, or a caning. I do a lot of role play, depending on what the sub is fantasizing about — the strict mom, teacher, babysitter or fed-up neighbor, for instance. And I love brats and SAMs, as long as they are ready to pay! Be prepared to take what you have earned … it’s for your own good."


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