fun spanking

Yesterday had us returning to a fun type of spanking.

What would you call a fun type of spanking?

A fun type of spanking on my mind is when their is no discipline issue even remotely being addressed, but just a spanking as a prelude to great sex.

The spanking helps me unload stress, and revs both of our sexual feelings.

One key idea in keeping a marriage going well in many studies is an active sex life as part of the relationship. It is amazing to still be excited to make love to your partner for more than 30 years.

It helps that Cindy looks amazing, working out at the gym, and walks to stay fit. I work out at the gym also. (hopefully, every couple thinks there partner looks amazing for their age)

Yesterday, it was decided that I should be spanked. Cindy had me strip, and then lay on the bed. Cindy started to strip, when, in removing her narrow leather belt, wondered out loud how this might work for a spanking.

It was very whippy and gave a strong sting wherever it landed. Cindy liked the redness it was creating, and my involuntary movements and owws. Cindy continued for quite soem time, before deciding that she should now have a wider implement to use. She removed her pants, while I retrieved two leather implements for her. (I retrieved the leather heart shaped paddle with studs, and the leather finger strap)

Cindy first used the finger strap, which really is effective when she swings it. As I was laying on the bed, and she was standing, it was really swinging. My bottom was very hot, and I was showing my appreciation by a lot of involuntarily owwing.

Cindy paused, and caressed my bottom, and between my legs! This effectively relaxed my bottom, which then allowed for the following use of the heart shaped paddle to be more intense.

Cindy loves to try and make a heart shape on my bottom, with the white of a heart surrounded by red. This was impossible to do, as my bottom was probably a bright red everywhere. However, "A" for effort. I certainly was feeling the effect, and trying to squish my bottom to present less of a target, while ohhing and owwwing and squirming.Cindy finally felt it was time to move on, and the relaxed caressing and kissing, followed by more fervent fondling and in the words of Cosmopolitan, the putting of tab A in slot B.Absolutely a fantastic spanking and sex.

Later, Cindy remarked at the bright red welts on the side of my hips. The belt had wrapped often.Today, my bottom still feels the effects of the spanking while I sit and write this little ditty.

May you all have a happy spanking sometime soon.


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