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The plethora of spanking and fetish type sites is simply astounding.I occasionally look at statcounter, and see how people have found my blog.One such find had a Google search, which included a site calledfetish pop culture
The opening posts are interesting, but if you look at all the categories, you will find wonderful content, including a treasure trove of old f/m and m/f
For example: click on the following

Remember you will have to click on read the entry to actually see the picture that is being shown when you click on a category.
enjoy exploring


Hermione said...

Hi Red,

That's a wonderful site. thanks for sharing.

We watched the movie Mr and Mrs Smith yesterday. There's a brief dominatrix scene involving a leather or latex outfit and a riding crop.


Red said...

Hermione: you are welcome.. enjoy exploring. I do remember that scene, but the movie was not very good, if I remember well enough!

Polyfetishist said...

Thanks to linking to FPC. This came at just the right moment since I've slowed my posting and considered stopping altogether. But a little attention has amazing effects.


Red said...

Richard: I really like your site, so hopefully I have sent some traffic there. However, so many visit, and so few post a comment, that it can be discouraging. You can always take a little break, then come back to something you truly enjoy. Thanks for keeping the site alive.

Helga said...

Ohhhh Red... You're truly brilliant, and Your website were truly spectacular. More pictures than articles its more entertaining though.

Best regards,
subshop/spanking fetish

Red said...

subshop: glad you like the blog, thanks for leaving a comment.