Crusing -one week off or more

Well, the specials on cruise lines is so great, that we have succumbed to the pleasures of a quick one week cruise. Thus a little hiatus from the blog.

When we land on a tropical Caribbean beach, Cindy will be certain to make sure that we apply suntan lotion appropriately.In addition, as Cindy is too shy to bare all, I may have to do a little work makng certain that her tan lines are even.Absolutely that pale white could not be good for the skin. An even tan is much better. Thus, I intend not to let poor Cindy wait and worry.
best to warm that bottom as soon as possible.
As you see, when she is back in the car, her tan will be even. The gentlemanly nature that I have is simply amazing. I guess the only thing to mention is that the ladies might add a small rebuttal.
But, this little story is being told with a heated bottom, courtesy of Cindy earlier in the day.cheers


Unknown said...

A little something for everyone in this post... :)

Have a fantastic vacation!

Hermione said...

Oh, how delightful! The cruise AND the pictures.

Have a lovely time relaxing, and tell us all about it when you return.


Mitch said...

Turnabout is fair play! Have a great trip!

ronnie said...

Love the pictures. Have a wonderful time Red and yes tell us all about it when you get home.


Rachel said...

Cindy and red:
Have a great vacation and both of you should rejoin us with no tan lines. Be careful in the sun and do most of your tanning together. Enjoy
Rachel & aj

Red said...

Barely pink: I always try to please all readers. Thanks for the good wishes.
Hermione, Ronnie, Mitch: will tell when time permits...Thanks for the good wishes.
Rachel: some tanning of the bottom and booty kept the tan lines down.