fun spanking

Yesterday had us returning to a fun type of spanking.

What would you call a fun type of spanking?

A fun type of spanking on my mind is when their is no discipline issue even remotely being addressed, but just a spanking as a prelude to great sex.

The spanking helps me unload stress, and revs both of our sexual feelings.

One key idea in keeping a marriage going well in many studies is an active sex life as part of the relationship. It is amazing to still be excited to make love to your partner for more than 30 years.

It helps that Cindy looks amazing, working out at the gym, and walks to stay fit. I work out at the gym also. (hopefully, every couple thinks there partner looks amazing for their age)

Yesterday, it was decided that I should be spanked. Cindy had me strip, and then lay on the bed. Cindy started to strip, when, in removing her narrow leather belt, wondered out loud how this might work for a spanking.

It was very whippy and gave a strong sting wherever it landed. Cindy liked the redness it was creating, and my involuntary movements and owws. Cindy continued for quite soem time, before deciding that she should now have a wider implement to use. She removed her pants, while I retrieved two leather implements for her. (I retrieved the leather heart shaped paddle with studs, and the leather finger strap)

Cindy first used the finger strap, which really is effective when she swings it. As I was laying on the bed, and she was standing, it was really swinging. My bottom was very hot, and I was showing my appreciation by a lot of involuntarily owwing.

Cindy paused, and caressed my bottom, and between my legs! This effectively relaxed my bottom, which then allowed for the following use of the heart shaped paddle to be more intense.

Cindy loves to try and make a heart shape on my bottom, with the white of a heart surrounded by red. This was impossible to do, as my bottom was probably a bright red everywhere. However, "A" for effort. I certainly was feeling the effect, and trying to squish my bottom to present less of a target, while ohhing and owwwing and squirming.Cindy finally felt it was time to move on, and the relaxed caressing and kissing, followed by more fervent fondling and in the words of Cosmopolitan, the putting of tab A in slot B.Absolutely a fantastic spanking and sex.

Later, Cindy remarked at the bright red welts on the side of my hips. The belt had wrapped often.Today, my bottom still feels the effects of the spanking while I sit and write this little ditty.

May you all have a happy spanking sometime soon.



Spanking Tube

Emma's advice is for a Mom talking about how she deals with her husband.. (that's how I think it should be interpreted :-)IF you would like a good video of a man being spanked, then you might like to click on the following link

One wonders if all men make these noises while being spanked. However, when we get to the part of the cane, I certainly would be in great difficulty, and would be making the same noises for certain.

The looped cane has many benefits, if you consider them to be benefits. The looped cane allows for no wrapping, so the spank can always hit the exact spot desired. It can also be used only on one cheek, making it doubly effective. We, as of yet do not own one, but I will purchase one whenever I see it in a fetish store, or possibly purchase it on the internet. The looped cane appears to me to act be similar to three cane strokes with the two sides and the top all adding their special thrill.

Do any readers have the looped cane? How effective is it?So many videos exist at this site that one wonders why anyone would buy them.




A great find: Ms Cassandra Park

By a rather circuitous path, I have came across a website that is intriguing for all to read.Ms. Cassandra Park is a person fully into the spanking scene, and loving it by everything I have read. Her posting today of a spanking scene (a family way) was very hot. Here is a link to that page if you only come across my blog in the future,

The main page is obviously reached by clicking on :

The circuitous path:
From emails sent by a spanking yahoo group

I clicked on a posting that lead me to this video.


If you click on this link above, you will see Ms Cassandra Park being spanked and caned, with a real spanking. The video ends with a woodshedvideos.com address, but this seems to no longer be in existence. Aha! I have seen this lady in some other pictures, so let's try to find more information.A google search on southeastern woodshed spanking videos yielded

southeastern - Spanko - Free Spanking Videos and Personals Social ...

26 Jan 2010 ... southeastern Woodshed - Holly, Cassandra & male · Spanking Videos (F/M) southeastern Woodshed - Holly,... Added: 3rd February 2010 ...

and this lead to the name Cassandra Park! A quick google on her name lead to her site.

What I really like is that Ms. Cassandra has experienced both sides of spanking. The spankings she gives and receives are real, but within the boundaries set by her clients, or in her case, by herself as to the level of the spankings.

I am hoping by the links that Ms. Cassandra will permit me to include a few pictures of herself in this posting. She is a professinal spanker that loves her career, and also enjoys playing on her own.

From her site:
"I enjoy disciplining young men and ladies who need a good lesson. I especially enjoy delivering a no-nonsense bare-bottomed hand spanking, a strapping or belting, or a caning. I do a lot of role play, depending on what the sub is fantasizing about — the strict mom, teacher, babysitter or fed-up neighbor, for instance. And I love brats and SAMs, as long as they are ready to pay! Be prepared to take what you have earned … it’s for your own good."



VOTE or Be Spanked

Here is a cute video that you might enjoy watching


So be certain to vote. The unfortunate thing is that with so many spankos out there, we might have to offer a free spanking for every voter who requests a spanking.
These last two ladies would be pleased to spank you.



home again

Well, we are back from the short vacation. It is wonderful being retired, and with enough money to travel with if we are careful.We both work occasionally at part time jobs, and this is a big supplement for our travel fund.

In addition, travelling to places in the off-season certainly keeps prices down.

For example, the Caribbean during hurricane season, whether a 7 day cruise or 7 day all-inclusive. Booking only three or four days before leaving allows you to check the national hurricane center for a forecast before booking.

Using the internet for research and finding the best deal is relatively simple. So many cruise sites are available, besides others like orbitz, expedia, hotels.com etc.... the list is endless.

I will be back to regular posting in the next few days, once the laundry, cutting the grass, gardening, and all the other sundries (paying bills) are completed.We took the trusty wooden hairbrush with us, and Cindy used it once on my bare bottom as a preventive measure to make certain that I did not drink too much when we were going out with some friends. Cindy did her preliminary warm-up with a long effective hand spanking, followed by a good strong session with the hairbrush. Somehow, it being smaller than the bath brush, Cindy really gets in the swinging mood to make certain the spanking is effective. Rachel and D would be well pleased with the results.

Sitting on a red bottom certainly slows one down in ordering a round of drinks!

Knowing that a further spanking was promised to occur immediately when we were back in our hotel, on a bottom that was still a rosy red if I did over indulge, could make a person learn to love tea.Fortunately for all, the evening was a wonderful time, without anyone over-indulging.



Hiatus for another vacation

Life is grand, and even better when you can drop everything and travel when a bargain comes by. That is what is about to happen, so see you in two weeks. I hope you don't consider me to be a bad boy by going away for two weeks.Then again, it can be fun or not so much fun, depending on the intensity, when the dropping everything is your pants and underwear. However, do be careful of who might hear your spanking.But, then again, maybe it is time to share this wonderful, but painful way of solving problems in a relationship. The next photo looks like a great follow-up to the previous captioned photo.These captioned pictures came from a new site I found, on a recommendation from a friend.
Enjoy all the other wonderful spanking blogs that are in existence. If you see something you really like, drop me a note so that I can look and then publicize it.


being prepared for a spanking

A favorite on some websites, and a rather powerful idea is when the woman is baring a man's bottom to be spanked. One site that specializes in this used to be www.vixenladies.com

The additional thrill, depending how the picture is posed, is the closeness of the man's prick to her face.or to her hand to fondle or lead him over her knee.
Any opinions.
Currently, the pictures that are available to the public involve bare bottom hand spankings. Here is a sample. Cheers


fetish pop culture

The plethora of spanking and fetish type sites is simply astounding.I occasionally look at statcounter, and see how people have found my blog.One such find had a Google search, which included a site calledfetish pop culture
The opening posts are interesting, but if you look at all the categories, you will find wonderful content, including a treasure trove of old f/m and m/f
For example: click on the following

Remember you will have to click on read the entry to actually see the picture that is being shown when you click on a category.
enjoy exploring



It has been a great day so far.

It was decided that we should slow things down a bit, and find time for spanking and sex in the daytime.


Before lunch, Cindy decided it was a good time, and called me to come to our bedroom, where I was greeted by my beautiful wife, wearing a leather bra and panties.


After some necking, she requested I choose an instrument to be spanked with.

My choice was a carpet beater (:=D)

So quickly, I undressed, and Cindy remarked on the obvious erection I was sprouting when I went to bend over, while standing.

A little fondling preceded the application of the carpet beater.

Then Cindy stated that it was time to do a little dusting.

After many spanks with this implement, I was owwing a bit, and Cindy was quite pleased with the pleasant shade of pink my bottom was showing.

She remarked that you could see the outline of the carpet beater on my bottom.

Cindy was quite pleased how I was starting to do a little dance shifting my weight from one foot to the other. Cindy paused, as she observed that my erection was flagging, and with some gentle hand help, it revived strongly.

However, Cindy then started once again with the carpet beater, and when she applied it to the back of the legs, it caused considerable wriggling and ouches. Many of her spanks were with her gripping the carpet beater with both hands, to make a more effective experience.

Cindy asked if I had had enough, but it was decided that maybe the small hand paddle would be effective in making the spanking memorable.

A friend had given us the carpet beater, and this small paddle was also from the same friends.

Cindy remarked that she should write and thank them for such kind gifts.

This small paddle really had me jumping, as it's length is just perfect for Cindy to use strongly and effectively.

This paddle was much more effective, and I was jumping about a bit, or at least it seemed to me that was what I was doing. Bent over with your hands on your knees certainly presents an effective spanking target.

When Cindy decided that was sufficient, she permitted me to see my bottom in the mirror, but only after reviving my erection affectionately.

This time most of my bottom was a bright red, with that telltale grey area in the middle of each cheek.

It was then decided for just a few more strokes, this time with the leather finger strap to make certain that the top[ of my bottom would no longer be white, but would join the rest of my bottom by becoming bright red.

Using a leather strap, Cindy whaled away with great vigor, and every spank was well felt, and my bottom and feet were doing a small dance.

Cindy finally finished, and my entire bottom was red. I thanked her for the spanking.

A little revival was needed, and we made absolutely wonderful passionate love.

Seven hours later, my bottom is still red, and sitting i can feel it significantly.
We highly recommend spanking to help rev the sexual fervor within a couple's relation.



Less Happy to be Spanked

Spankings must be consensual, but in many relationships, one or both persons willing give their partner the right to spank them as discipline, at the sole discretion of the spanker. In our case, Cindy has my permission any time any reason, while my spanking Cindy is only with her approval at the time.

Thus, today's post shows some photos of some happy, and some reluctant spankees, being very aware that the spanking is going to hurt.

Photo one is someone really wanting to be spanked. The line forms behind me to the right guys.
Our second lady is ready, and looking somewhat willing, but also somewhat hesitant,with her feet trying to cover her bottom.Photo three shouts out I am ready, but the look expresses worry.Photo four shouts a defiance that spanking me won't change me.
photo five shouts a stiff upper lip is needed for this spanking, or possibly a sensual enjoyment of the spanking.
Our next to last photo shows a wells panked bottom, with a look of acknowledgment by the lady that she is really feeling the spanking.
last entry: a well roasted bottom.