Whose lap would you choose?

Thought I would have a little poll for anyone interested.
There will be five pictures. Imagine your partner agrees or requires you to be spanked, but that your partner in unavailable to spank you. You must decide which lap you will climb over, with a bare bottom, to be suitably spanked.

number one: sweet but looks to be capable of being very effective
number two: stern, no nonsense spanking awaitsnumber three: gone to a great effort to create the effect, probably equally determined to follow through.number four: you are certainly not going to like this spanking
number five: happy to be able to help out, and looking forward to warming your bottom as red as the shoes.
the Poll choose now.

Who would you like to spank you, if your partner agreed

choose from the pictures posted below

photo number 1
photo number 2
photo number 3
photo number 4
photo number 5



Anonymous said...

I have to say a couple of these look like men, wonder if this is a trick poll?? LOL


Anonymous said...

None - they are all blokes!! Sorry if this site is going that way. Just hope it's a joke.

Do you have any material / clips on the original (blond mom) momsknee site? Fabulous f/m domestic style spanking, and boy could she spank!!

redxxx said...

Always willing to have a little fun, and no, this blog isn't going this way,As Seinfeld once said " not that their is anything wrong with that"
Sorry, i have nothing from momsknee.

Anonymous said...

I choose none of the above......
If I'm going to be spanked by a man, I'd prefer
he LOOK like a man!

redxxx said...

Anon: True! Personally, number one is my favorite, if they were women.

Steve Smith said...

No 2 for me if it was a female. Good fun tho

Red said...

steve: live and let live.. good choice
bottoms up