whose lap did you choose part two

The fun of posting on the Internet, is that you can never see the smile on my face. Every posting of spankings have been real, but a little while ago I thought I would have some fun with your perceptions.Clothing is a personal preference, as is sexuality. Some people enjoy the practice known as cross-dressing. Having just a little fun with this, the old pictures show women in dresses, but today one rarely sees a woman in a dress except at a wedding or dress-up party.Women are very comfortable wearing pants, and some to men's good fortune are very happy to takes men's pants down when they need a spanking. The difference between a blouse and a shirt is simply the side that the buttons are on. Women look great in men's shirts, but the opposite almost definitely brings disapproval.

The poll of which person you would like to be spanked by, had the pictures coming from the yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/getover_my_knee
If you go to the photo section, on the last page of photos you will find pictures that are in a folder called TV.Thus, was the selection you made a picture of a man, dressed as a woman, or wasn't it?. If they didn't talk, and simply spanked, would it have mattered? Are the pictures that are in these folders actually men cross-dressing, or is the author of the folder simply playing with your mind.The thing I find most amusing and interesting, is that I believe kinky is good! Do you?I would really enjoy reading your comments..And do we really know if these are photos of men or are they photos of women.


Anonymous said...

I thought they were TVs before I scrolled down to the bottom of your post. Looking at them again I am certain.

No problem for me receiving a spanking from one of the lovely laydees above.

rex_talbot at yahoo dot com

redxxx said...

It might be a problem for some, if they knew. Could be an interesting discussion later.

Steve Smith said...

No7 can spank me all day O like that look

Red said...

Steve: Dressed like that, why not...
bottoms up