Wearing Panties - a Poll

Always trying to be a little different, I twigged on an anonymous comment that hoped I would not be going into the world of transvestites. My idea however is live and let live. I try to please whoever drops by, and some male readers do wear panties, on their own choice at times, or maybe because their partner requests it (a euphemism for put these on, or the spanking will start all over again) . So here are a few photos.

Pic 1: A happy woman bringing red panties for him to wear.pic 2:This lady is extremely happy to have some pale blue (maybe turquoise) for her man to wear!
Whether this be their choice, or their partners choice, is of little consequence. Occasionally, I will wear panties, simply as a way of charging up the eroticism of the evening, or if I have been informed I will be spanked for discipline later in the day.

You can be spanked while wearing panties, it simply is not your decision to make!
Wearing them can be taken whatever way Cindy feels inclined. Sometimes she comments regarding that bottom needs a spanking, or simply oh!, and continues on with the day. Most times I do wear panties, fantastic sex happens sometime that day.

Pic 4: Having the panties around his knees, does not inhibit the erection caused by the forth coming spanking.or having to put the panties on has no effect on this man's erection.I believe the above were from Nu-West Leda, so they must perceive that a market is available for paying to watch these type scenes.

Have you ever tried it? If you are willing to be placed over your partner's knees and spanked significantly on your bare bottom, I cannot see how wearing panties can be a problem. The problem occurs when you are over someone's knees, and they are lowering your panties. Some sites have even called them manties.

So, maybe you might give your opinion on this.

a poll for men

What is your frequency of wearing panties

Once a year
Once a month
once a week on average
more than once a week



Rachel said...

Each evening I pick out aj's outfit for the next day which ALWAYS includes panties. He wears them 101% of the time. This helps keep him torqued up so that the care, respect, and loving are always terrific. A good spanking and seeing him in sheer nylon or tricot panties enhances the view and the obedience.

Rachel said...

My wife threw away all my male underwear and most of my socks. Now i wear panties all of the time. Sometimes i will wear a panti-girdle as i own a few. She makes the decision as with most all in the house.

spankedbywife said...

Its a very erotic experience when my Lady requires me to wear a pair of her panties. It doesn't do anything if I do it myself.
I think aj is a lucky guy!

Hermione said...

The only time Ron comes close to wearing panties is if mine get put into his drawer by mistake. Then he quickly rectifies the situation by relocating them.

Boyshorts are a type of masculine underwear that look very fetching on a lady.


Bonnie said...

Hi Red,

Why, yes, I'm wearing panties right now! :)


Anonymous said...

I use panties as an additional punishment and as a mental control technique. My husband doesn't have a panty fetish so it's all about the humiliation factor for us. He's always pantied for punishment and maintenance spankings.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I like to wear panties sometimes. Bacall and I have a few pair that match.

redxxx said...

Rachel: thanks for sharing. I agree it torques up the actions.
aj: I would keep the socks.
spankedby wife: being requested to put on panties is very exciting, and controlling. perks up the submissive side.
Hermione; Hope you are in boy shorts often.
bonnie: just itching to be spanked for such a smartass reply. Wish I could oblige, but ask Randy for a spanking from me. Then you won't be wearing panties for too long :-) LOL
anon: thanks for sharing
Bogey and Bacall: matching panties, a wonderful idea... glad yto know you like to wear them sometimes.
Well folks, I hope some other people might comment, but this was a motherlode of seven comments. Definitely makes my day

Rachel said...

Ken: (Spanked by wife)
Like aj you are a capricorn: this is easy: just hide your underwear and ask her to pick out a pair of hers for you to wear or you will have to stay naked all day.
Rachel & aj

redxxx said...

Ken: if that doesn't work, you can at least expect a spanking for suggesting it.

Anonymous said...

I have had a desire to get spanked by my wife while wearing a bra and panties on. Most here want them pulled down then get spanked bare bottom.
I think it's more of a turn on to get spanked with them on. I know my wife doesn't like me wearing them. She even told me she never wants to see me in them. So spanking wearing them is out of the question. That sucks. I'm so sad.

Red said...

anon: You are very fortunate that you have a desire to be spanked, and your wife is willing to spank you. I would not want to lose the spanking over wearing panties, so if Cindy stated "do not wear panties", I would throw them away immediately.
good luck
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I enjoy spanking my husband. He's not thrilled about it. He let me do it a few times but began to refuse. He came in one afternoon while a few girlfriends and I were having wine & cheese. He joined us. When I saw he was a bit tipsy, the four of us were able to get him across a table and take off his pants. Che had on his green flower design panties. We took turns with a hairbrush over his panties then bare. Then we worked a medium dildo into him. Since then anytime I tell him drop his pants for a spanking, he does it at once. Che doesn't want the girls back. Now he wears a skirt at home on weekends

Red said...

anon; sorry, but this sounds like a male fantasy...