a question

The following photo is intriguing.

IS she waiting to be spanked, and thus the facial expression of must we do this.

Or is her expression stating that you are going to be very sorry after you lay over my waiting lap for a red hot bottom, as she waits to give YOU a spanking.What do you think? Could this be her bottom?No doubt in the next picture of who is going to enjoy the spanking, and who is about to be spanked. It's YOU! The first and third photos came from http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Spanked_by_their_Wives

The third photo is from www.strictladies.com

Showing my age, maybe you could dream in Technicolor (an expression when Technicolor was something amazing). You could watch one lady spank the other, while both are naked.Have fun, whether you are about to be spanked, or about to give someone a spanking.


Hermione said...

The last photo is kind of a strange pose. Why isn't the spanker facing her target?

I love the first photo - very pretty skirt and belt. I think she'll be on the receiving end shortly.


Hermione said...

Have you seen this blog? http://tommysptoriginalart.blogspot.com/

Danielle said...

The third photo.. my pose today...:)

redxxx said...

Hermione: each sees according to their passion :-)
Thanks for the link. Tommyspt has a great imagination and a lot of skill in his drawings
Danielle: i would prefer seeing you in the second or fourth pose, but in reality it would be in pose number three.

barely.pink said...

Oh, sexy stockings. Those were made for people like us in mind. :)

redxxx said...

Barely.pink: Love the stockings, but more importantly the view.