The Pink Report

A interesting coincidence has happened. Having visiting BumTickler site, I came across comments from Barely.Pink. I then clicked on her name, saw that she had a blog, and went to visit. The coincidence: since deciding to post about her great blog, she has already joined as a follower of my blog.Her introduction of the blog is "This site discusses adult consensual spanking ". Makes us kind of kinfolk.

Pink description of herself:""I want to tell you everything, whispering my confessions as I lay across your lap. I want stress relief; I want to relieve your stress. I want butterflies, anxiety and comfort all wrapped in a passionate package and tied with a belt."Her blog is sensuous, is willing to talk about her erotic re-actions (being wet before a spanking occurs), and with a good splash of humor.

Pink's linking Mae West's comments with appropriate photos was great.

Here is one example:
"I've been in more laps than a napkin."Go visit. you will enjoy it.




Anonymous said...

Pink is great. She really has a way of saying things that gets right to the core. She's quite inciting as well as insightful.

Anonymous said...

You're so right. Pink is a sexy phenomenon to behold.

She makes me feel like my kinks and quirky perversions are loveable and sexy, rather than dark and dirty. And she reinforces all these really important aspects of womanhood - strength, intelligence, compassion, tenderness - without hitting you over the head with them. I think she could convert a vanilla, and I hope she can convert some of the more hardened beasts into something a little softer and more beautiful.

She's the coolest cat - or dare I say pussy - around. Thanks for highlighting her work, Red. Your site is hot too!!!

barely.pink said...

Wow! Thanks, Red! I'm so fortunate to have acquired high quality readers such as yourself and Bum Tickler, and the anonymous reader above. (And those comments above totally floored me.)

This makes me very, very happy. Thank you, again. I'm not just following your blog -- I am a loyal follower. :)

ronnie said...

Red, your right Pink has a great site. Love to visit there.


Hermione said...

Pink is one of my frequent readers and I always enjoy her comments. She has a great blog.


redxxx said...

Bum Tickler: very true, I agree.

Anon: our quirks and kinks are lovable and sexy, don;'t let anyone try to make you think otherwise.

Barely.Pink: I am very happy to publicize your blog, and even happier to make you happy. Have fun with your blog. I will read often.

Ronnie and Hermione: we friends do think alike. cheers mates...