IF you ask nicely: one for the ladies who love to be spanked

one great photo I discovered (I originally wrote came upon, but had second thoughts about that double entendre fortunately)

If you ask nicely, I am certain the gentleman will always say yes....You will find yourself having the spanking you desire
that creates a glow down below, and a song to your lips
plus a wee wonder as to why you love this so much...
but a glow to remember and enjoy as you then make love with your partner soon after.
PS: I bet a lot of you download that first picture...


Hermione said...

Yes, I often have a wee wonder why I love it so much, as the paddle connects with my posterior.

Then I remember.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I had that thought this morning as Bacall was putting the wood to me. Oh well, all that ends well....

barely.pink said...

I downloaded that first picture. That's the happiest girl ever! Do you think she is asking him to brush her hair?

Dioneo said...

Excellent photos, Red. I liked the first two especially.

ronnie said...

Very good Red. The first picture made me smile. Thanks.


redxxx said...

Hermione: similar with me..
Bogey: the all is well that ends well is fabulous.
barely.pink: panties down at the knees, kneeling on the floor, smiling from ear to ear, holding the hairbrush out to her lover..fabulous
Dioneo: glad you liked them
Ronnie: always love to see you smile