Vintage Art

This one is worth it's own posting....Can you imagine seeing it in real life?
Best to have a glass of wine and enjoy the art.cheers


Hermione said...

Red - I love the second one! How cool would it be to actually see it (or try it) in real life. Perhaps someone going to Shadow Lane could suggest it as an icebreaker.


Rachel said...

The top one aj tells me he saw many years ago. He was commuting from Boston into New York (Grand Central Terminal) on the train for a meeting. As the train was approaching 125th St. (Harlem) he glanced out the window of the coach and saw a scene like that as well as another time a couple making love. At that time Harlem was the pit of the slums and some people did not have window coverings.

The second drawing is a great fantasy for me. I would like to have 4 boys jumping on top of each other to make love to me while at the same time I was standing behind them smacking their bare butts for not performing and holding the greatest (little aj) in check. The third photo we have done around the house.

Keep up the great work redxxx, may your bottom always define you.

redxxx said...

Hermione: could I be the guy in the picture...
Rachel: Glad you liked the posting

ronnie said...

Red, what great pictures you found. Like Hermione I love the second one and her suggestion about an ice breaker for the Shadow Lane meeting :)



redxxx said...

Ronnie: love to be at that ice breaker with you and Hermione. Can i be the photographer!