sex class

Spencer Tunick (spencertunick.com) is famous for photographing large numbers of nude people posing in different cities around the world. One of his photos is shown above.

Maybe this is a kinky version of Spencer's nude photography. Click on the pictures to see a larger version.Maybe this is a sex education class, and if it is, it certainly would have a lot of men and women wishing they could be the teacher for this class. Makes one wish they were younger, and living in Japan.(if this is actually from Japan)
Well, somehow this must be a real event!Otherwise, it would be a very costly production.Getting this many young people together, had to be some event. I would have happily volunteered to be a non-paid participant! IF you look carfully, not all participants are following the lesson plan correctly!However, the women and I am certain the men were happy with the result.
The photos come from some website, as a portion of each picture has been removed. If you know where the complete set of photos came from, please let me know, solely :-) so that I can publicize it to others.


Rachel said...

Hi redxxx:
Little aj just took off like a rocket from the rest position: now I will have to color his caboose. He is a "sexy senior citizen (67) and would love to be in this group. He is babeling like a brook at 10 times the speed of sound. You may have caused him a heart attack. I am enjoying the fun, keep it up.

redxxx said...

Rachel: I always aim to please, just like you do.