The Receiving End

Another F/M blog worth visiting, that many readers already know of, is produced by Reece .

Reece posts infrequently, but has been posting since 2007. Thus, you can stay relatively current, without visiting daily. Reece's posts are thoughtful, describing their spanking relationship.

Reece and his wife Anne have young children, and this is a deterrent on spanking whenever the mood occurs, or the reason arises. The games we parents play is never intended for the children to hear.

His most recent post relates the problem extremely well, and a rather unique attempt at solving the problem. The solution could make you a fan of texting, which I abhor.

Knowing that a certain time of day the children will be out of the house at activities, creates a window of opportunity for a spanking to occur. Using a reminder text in both cellphones, allows each to think about whether a spanking is needed.

We have, unfortunately, totally exited the spanking scene at the moment. Family circumstances has created a situation where we never have privacy. Vacations are the only time when we are out of the house, for a spanking to occur. Thus, we took advantage of this on our Alaskan adventure, but that is just a distant memory.

My only contact with the thought is writing this blog, and reading other blogs or material on the web. There is excellent material, but sadly, it is not the same as the joy of the experience.

So I can truly relate to Reece's recent post. I also agree with his description of how many spanking relationships of a domestic Discipline scenario begins.

Drop by, enjoy the material and the thoughts, and leave a note to encourage Reece in always keeping his blog alive.




Hermione said...

Red - I enjoy Reece's blog and I'm sure many of your readers will too.

So sorry to hear that spanking is only happening in the virtual sense at your house. Life gets in the way for all of us at one time or another.

Hang in there!


redxxx said...

Hermione: Thanks...a lack of spanking does limit what I can post here also.