JPC - FF artwork extraordinaire

Another wonderful artist that you may not have seen before, specializes in women spanking women. This is a topic that many people can find to be erotic, and I am one of them.

She poses her young women to be spanked in great settings, and the women being spanked are many times appreciative of the spanking.

To accompany this idea, I will post in a few days a sites where the situation is male spanking male. My interest has always been women, so seeing women in spanking positions, whether spanking, or being spanked is always interesting to me. Men being spanked by women is also erotic, but I find it less interesting to see men spanking men. However, as long as it is consensual in all of the above scenarios, I am fine with it.
Today's entry also has some fun animations, besides great artwork. The descriptions on the blog are interesting to read, but you have to copy and paste into a translator program
click the link below,


then click entrez and then entrer
Hope you enjoy as much as i do.



Spanking artists: Jay Em drawings

Spanking can be a fun pastime! Today's entry shows some of those facets, but also the discipline that some people crave.
In Jay Em's first drawing let's say Hermione( or is it Ronnie.. Or Erica.. or you get the idea) is quite enjoying herself, as is the man.
In the second drawing, maybe the woman is NOT enjoying every part of the spanking, but will enjoy the afterglow.
This the marriage counselor is saying not to be like this man...
"A Good Man Satisfies the Desires of his Woman" and we can see the desires in the hairbrush...
However, in the next drawing, one woman is very content, while lilstening to, and watching another woman be spanked.

However, in this next drawing, maybe the second woman is worried because her spanking is next, and it's going to be just as effective.
Drawings are just so much more effective than pictures, in many, many cases.

Using http://spankingartwiki.animeotk.com/wiki/List_of_spanking_artists, you will immediately find a massive amount of spanking art.

You will find some artists that are already or who will become your favorites.

If you search around, and you will find links to many sites for more information and artwork about spanking.

Most artists are willing to sell you originals, and I imagine many artists are willing to draw a scene to your exact requests.

However, hopefully by sharing what is already in the public domain, I can spread the word about spanking artists.

However, if any owner of any artwork or photo wishes me to remove the image, simply let me know and I will do that as soon as I read the email.

Hopefully the artist will understand that I do love to travel extensively, and thus while out of town I never access this blog, or the email account xxxred17@yahoo.com

If you want quicker access to Jay Em, click either of these links.


I hope you enjoy these drawings.



Miranda Kerr

Thought I would share two photos that I find quite amazing... and maybe some readers might like to give suggestions for captions, as Hermione has been doing on her blog.

The first could be: I LOVE being spanked! Would you like to spank me?
The second might be:
I am standing the corner as you requested, with my pants down to just below my bottom, but must you spank me with that implement. I promise to be good from now on without the spanking! Please!

Your turn: any suggestions for photo one or photo two.


The Receiving End

Another F/M blog worth visiting, that many readers already know of, is produced by Reece .

Reece posts infrequently, but has been posting since 2007. Thus, you can stay relatively current, without visiting daily. Reece's posts are thoughtful, describing their spanking relationship.

Reece and his wife Anne have young children, and this is a deterrent on spanking whenever the mood occurs, or the reason arises. The games we parents play is never intended for the children to hear.

His most recent post relates the problem extremely well, and a rather unique attempt at solving the problem. The solution could make you a fan of texting, which I abhor.

Knowing that a certain time of day the children will be out of the house at activities, creates a window of opportunity for a spanking to occur. Using a reminder text in both cellphones, allows each to think about whether a spanking is needed.

We have, unfortunately, totally exited the spanking scene at the moment. Family circumstances has created a situation where we never have privacy. Vacations are the only time when we are out of the house, for a spanking to occur. Thus, we took advantage of this on our Alaskan adventure, but that is just a distant memory.

My only contact with the thought is writing this blog, and reading other blogs or material on the web. There is excellent material, but sadly, it is not the same as the joy of the experience.

So I can truly relate to Reece's recent post. I also agree with his description of how many spanking relationships of a domestic Discipline scenario begins.

Drop by, enjoy the material and the thoughts, and leave a note to encourage Reece in always keeping his blog alive.




a safety alert for older guys

The older you get, the more important it is to protect your nose from the sun....Just don't get caught by your wife...


different poses

Thought I would post a few photos of women delectably posed for a spanking, and one of a man.
The first shows a woman awaiting the spanking
but not for too long The next photo makes me wonder if it is a before or after photoand the last makes excellent use of a decorative balcony style woodwork in a house. I will think of this the next time I see such a structure in a friends house.
The last however, is probably not for the average spanking couple, or is it? We have never explored this possibility, but I have seen numerous photos of a person with their legs spread wide for a spanking.

Have you ever spanked this inner portion of a person's bottom, or have been spanked down this third crease available on every bottom? The other two creases, where the bottom meets the top of the legs are a favorite for Cindy to spank.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.



more reading material : spanked husbands

I have only glanced at this site, but some readers might find it interesting.

An example of a posting on this site is:

"I know that some of you prefer harder implements and there are some crying husbands who need this, but my wife prefers her hand and that is exclusive with us.

I find it a exciting to feel her hand on my bare rear. The skin to skin contact is very erotic.I also know she can control me without tying me up or restraining me. This makes the spanking more mental and therefore MORE controlling. I stay anchored while she spanks my rear to a sensitive and red finish. She spanks me to assert her control and we usually wind up having great sex afterward.

Sometimes we role-play where I am the boss and she is the secretary. If I find an error in her work and tell her she must be admonished, she says that only a spanking will do. She then informs me that I must be spanked because I need to be more responsible about things that go around the company. I then applaud her for her logical thinking before submitting to one of her spankings. Besides, she reasons, nothing will remind her of her error more than smacking my rear with her hand. After she is finished with me, I kiss her hand in case it feels tingly after the spanking. I also kiss it to thank her for keeping me in my place. This role-play happens occasionally. Mostly, she is in charge the whole time and I attend to her needs before and after my spanking. If she reads this she might spank me for my misspelling. I will go back and make corrections."


The link is to page 24, but you can then go anywhere you like by changing the page number.

Are they real, or fantasy. The same question you can ask about any blog. I just happened to like the role reversal stated in the above quote.

I, however, find it annoying with the tweets going up one side of the site, but fortunately, they only are a part of the page, not the entire page.

Similar to reading the guest book at the DWC site.



sex class

Spencer Tunick (spencertunick.com) is famous for photographing large numbers of nude people posing in different cities around the world. One of his photos is shown above.

Maybe this is a kinky version of Spencer's nude photography. Click on the pictures to see a larger version.Maybe this is a sex education class, and if it is, it certainly would have a lot of men and women wishing they could be the teacher for this class. Makes one wish they were younger, and living in Japan.(if this is actually from Japan)
Well, somehow this must be a real event!Otherwise, it would be a very costly production.Getting this many young people together, had to be some event. I would have happily volunteered to be a non-paid participant! IF you look carfully, not all participants are following the lesson plan correctly!However, the women and I am certain the men were happy with the result.
The photos come from some website, as a portion of each picture has been removed. If you know where the complete set of photos came from, please let me know, solely :-) so that I can publicize it to others.


Vintage Art

This one is worth it's own posting....Can you imagine seeing it in real life?
Best to have a glass of wine and enjoy the art.cheers


submissives: cleaning the pool with a red bottom on display

IF you liked the cornertime link, then possibly you have clicked to the submissives category. A link driectly to the site is as follows:

Some items their are not to everyone's liking, but such is the world. However, some photos and drawings are interesting. For example, if you are male, would you volunteer for this picture? This is a defintie twist on the scenes you can see on line of one woman trying for the record of having sex with the most men in a limited amount of time. Pleasuring the most women orally in a limited amount of time. It would be fun to watch. Oops, that might mean another spanking!

I do not know how to save photos that pop up on tumblr. However, by highlighting and pasting, I am able to put them in this posting.

Do take a look because many new photos exist, beyond the normal ones I see in spanking blogs, and on my yahoo groups. I am finding that yahoo groups is becoming quite dead, and I am wondering where the people that used to post have gone to. If you know of new sites that are spanking related, do share with all of us. The next drawing is effective, but did you notice the man on another stool waiting for his turn.

Because I am using copy and paste, I cannot change the size is the size I find them! This posting might be titled spanked, then sent to clean the pool, showing the whole world your reddened bottom. The picture came from page 8 of the submissive category.



If yesterday had women attractively posed for a spanking, thentoday should have a woman attractively posed, to deliver a spanking. Be careful what you wish for.
The photo came from submissives, but you can get to the site by http://bitches-femdom.com/



photos for today

a quick few photos that might ber interesting for you to glance at:
I am bored, waiting for this spanking...
so, is this the position you would like....
or how about this...Maybe if I am friendly, you will be happy....ouch.. that brush again cheers