Cindy is having stress attacks, and really worrying herself and me at times. Certain family matters are the main cause, which I will not elaborate on. However, we are trying to eliminate some of the stress. Unfortunately, the situation will not change for a significant time, so Cindy is the one that will have to adapt to the new situation, with my help.

One major cause of the stress is that Cindy always attempts to be super perfect. As we all know, only the male in the relationship can be super perfect, :-) so I am trying to help her accept that everything cannot be as we wish it would be.

Thus, with the family situation, and attempting to be perfect, a conflict arises.

Cindy went way over the top today, and a little while later realized it. Cindy suggested that maybe a spanking might help! Her being spanked, that is, not me.

Being a perfect gentleman, I gladly agreed that this might help. A small spanking to help de-stress.

Spankings have helped me immensely in the past. Over the years, I have asked Cindy for a spanking when I have been extremely stressed, but better yet, she has simply initiated spanking me whenever she thinks that I am acting in a stressful manner. These spankings even before I was aware of the stress have been very successful, as have all spankings.

Thus, today.....

Cindy accompanied me to the bedroom,w here i delighted in undoing her jeans, and slowly lowering her jeans. Next were the panties, slowly lowered by me for my enjoyment, and to make the experience and effect of being spanked last longer.

Whenever Cindy agrees to be spanked, she wants it over as soon as possible. This time, I slowed it down.

Cindy was bare bottomed over my knee, and I had her reflect as to why she was about to be spanked. The spanking consisted of six hard hand spanks, slowly delivered, with time between each spank.

She felt every spank, and owwed her way through them. Cindy is rarely spanked, so her bottom is not used to being spanked.

Afterwards, we cuddled and stated how much we love each other.

A few minutes later, Cindy rubbed her bottom and said she felt it, with a smile from ear to ear and a giggle. The stess was relieved, at least for part ofthe day.

Who knows where this will lead, but spanking can allow the endorphins to kick in, and let the stress flutter away.



ronnie said...

Hi Red,

Only just spotted you were back. Hope you had a wonderful vacation.

Lovely picture, my favourite position.


Red said...

Ronnie: I always aim to please.

widgets said...

Hi redxxx:
This is how I handle aj when he gets tense. When I get tense all he can do is give me a rub down (broken back). These work 100+%.

Red said...

Rachel: They do work... back rub substitute equates the same way.

Hermione said...

Hi Red,

I do hope that Cindy will learn to appreciate the finer points of spanking, and that the count might progress into double digits.


OnHerKnee said...

Family brings us many things and yes, sometimes stress...

Well, actually too often stress...

Then again just about always stress...

Doesn't matter, I wouldn't give up any of it. I imagine it's good to have each other at times like this for you two as it is for my fine lady and myself.

Red said...

Hermione: I hope so also.
Onherknee: true. Most of family is fabulous, but a few do make it difficult.