Well Spanked (Red)

Well, seems I do not have to troll the internet for a daily topic. Cindy is making certain that my bottom is well reddened, often! Thus, plenty to write about, for your reading enjoyment.

Today, Cindy was simply unhappy with me, that I have too many sporting activities, and little time to socialize with others.

Cindy walked into the bathroom and retrieved the bath brush, and I started to lower my pants. I was thinking that I should bend over in the bathroom, but Cindy stated I should follow her. This was more serious than I thought.

Cindy propped herself up on the bed with her back against pillows up against the backboard. She stated forcefully: " I want you over my knees!" GULP! was my reaction.

I quickly removed pants and underpants, and was across her knees in a flash.

Cindy started by spanking with her hand, varying with different patterns and different methods. I have yet to read anywehre of different spanking techniques with a hand, so I would appreciate if any reader might provide me and the readers with a link.

Cindy used her full hand on the meaty part of my bottom, then switched to what seemed like a harder hand! This might be the fingers more closed, but I am uncertain. I might ask her to show me how she changes her hand, as the feel is much stronger and harder than the open hand.

Cindy also has learned from short videos I have shown her on the internet, that she now does glancing spanks, both in an upward and downward spank. They really are effective!

Cindy paused, explained the reason for the spanking, and then re-started with the hand spanking. She now simply started spanking on one spot, until I started squirming, then moved to the other cheek and repeated the exact same technique. She reveled in this technique from cheek to cheek for at least three or four visits to each cheek.

Cindy also paid attention to the crease where bottom meets the back of the legs, for their fair share. Cindy finally stopped, and admired her handiwork. Moreover, what is probably the first time, I was feeling spanks on the top part of my bottom, where the flesh is LESS padded, shall we say. Almost all previous spankings, in our spanking relationship, have only covered the bottom portion of my bottom and the top of the legs. The cane has visited the top part, but usually by accident. Also, the magnastrap has visited that part of my bottom.

You might be wondering, and I had totally forgotten, about the bath brush. This was the hardest Cindy has ever used her hand to spank me.

Cindy now decided to use the bath brush. In picking up the bath brush, she looked at the clock beside our bed and stated she has lots of time before she meets her friend, later in the afternoon.

Cindy now began to spank with the bath brush. She was slow and methodical. She again used the technique of many spanks on one spot until I was squirming, and my feet were dancing. (The hand spanking had been such that my feet were dancing through part of that portion of this spanking) She even commented, with a very happy tone of " look what your feet are doing, or, oh my, your feet certainly are dancing". This did not in way persuade her to stop spanking. No spank as excessively hard, but everyone was felt.

Cindy would sometimes stop, and ask if I am breathing, which I replied yes. I have a tendency to hold my breath when the spanks get stronger, and Cindy wanted to be certain I was not doing any of my little tricks to make the spanking less painful.

I then started to realize that the bath brush was visiting the top of my bottom, and it was very effective.

Eventually Cindy stopped, and I lay over her knees. Cindy, however, decided to once again use her hand, and after a few spanks asked which type of spank was most effective. I was treated to the open hand, the squeezed together hand, the slapping going downward, and the spanks glancing upwards. I really couldn't tell the difference on a well spanked bottom. Cindy did a few more strong spanks of her choice, and then stated " that's enough for now, you can get up."

I got up, and immediately thanked Cindy for the spanking.

A good 30 minutes later I looked at my bottom inthe mirror, and it was a fire engine red, from bottom to top. I have never experienced the top of my bottom being so red.

Seven hours later, while typing this, my bottom still reminds me how well it was spanked.

Hope you enjoyed reading.
The first photos are from yahoo groups, but the last is of Miss Audrey. http://spanking360.wordpress.com/



one of many

Our vacation was great, even though the weather was not co-operating. Instead of the blistering heat of Florida, we thought we would have sunny and mildly warm weather in Alaska. The reality ended up being mostly two weeks of a high of 52 (that's Fahrenheit) with clouds most of the time. Fortunately only two days where there was occasional rain.

British Columbia was beautiful, at least Vancouver and Victoria. Most of our time was spent in Alaska, and part of it on a seven day cruise.

Cindy decided that the privacy of our cabin was an excellent place to do a bit of catch up spankings. I will relate a little over the next few days.

The first day we were at sea, and Cindy suggested while we were in the cabin, that it was a good time for a spanking. (I like using the word suggested, implying their is a choice to be made)

I immediately put the cabin television on the music channel, and turned up the volume. I do not mind if others hear me being spanked, but it is always best to muffle the sound so that others who do not have a spanking inclination are not offended. Why cause a problem when it can be avoided.

I was informed to bare my bottom, get on the bed on all fours, and gaze out of the window while Cindy warmed my bottom. Really creative on Cindy's part I thought. The spanking was a good hand spanking, which Cindy is becoming very adept at giving. Maybe her hand has hardened muscles from spanking me, but she varies the technique with some straight on spanks, and many glancing spanks that seem to be specially effective.

The spanking definitely lit a small fire on my bottom, and when Cindy finished I thanked her for the spanking. The coolness of the weather was less now that my bottom provided it's own warmth. Looking for whales, or simply gazing out at the ocean while being spanked was amazing.

I do not have any appropriate drawing for this scenario, so if anyone has one do send it to me. My email is in the description of this blog..

We did take the bath brush with us, and I will relate it's use on another day.




Cindy is having stress attacks, and really worrying herself and me at times. Certain family matters are the main cause, which I will not elaborate on. However, we are trying to eliminate some of the stress. Unfortunately, the situation will not change for a significant time, so Cindy is the one that will have to adapt to the new situation, with my help.

One major cause of the stress is that Cindy always attempts to be super perfect. As we all know, only the male in the relationship can be super perfect, :-) so I am trying to help her accept that everything cannot be as we wish it would be.

Thus, with the family situation, and attempting to be perfect, a conflict arises.

Cindy went way over the top today, and a little while later realized it. Cindy suggested that maybe a spanking might help! Her being spanked, that is, not me.

Being a perfect gentleman, I gladly agreed that this might help. A small spanking to help de-stress.

Spankings have helped me immensely in the past. Over the years, I have asked Cindy for a spanking when I have been extremely stressed, but better yet, she has simply initiated spanking me whenever she thinks that I am acting in a stressful manner. These spankings even before I was aware of the stress have been very successful, as have all spankings.

Thus, today.....

Cindy accompanied me to the bedroom,w here i delighted in undoing her jeans, and slowly lowering her jeans. Next were the panties, slowly lowered by me for my enjoyment, and to make the experience and effect of being spanked last longer.

Whenever Cindy agrees to be spanked, she wants it over as soon as possible. This time, I slowed it down.

Cindy was bare bottomed over my knee, and I had her reflect as to why she was about to be spanked. The spanking consisted of six hard hand spanks, slowly delivered, with time between each spank.

She felt every spank, and owwed her way through them. Cindy is rarely spanked, so her bottom is not used to being spanked.

Afterwards, we cuddled and stated how much we love each other.

A few minutes later, Cindy rubbed her bottom and said she felt it, with a smile from ear to ear and a giggle. The stess was relieved, at least for part ofthe day.

Who knows where this will lead, but spanking can allow the endorphins to kick in, and let the stress flutter away.



A short video

A short little video, which seems effective, but notice that the man's reaction is a strong erection when he gets off the woman's lap...

These older videos are really funny, with the spanking starting and the man immediately reacting with feet dancing and owwwing his heart out.

I have had a few of these quick spankings while away, with an equal reaction.



Frightening sights from ancient times

Thought I would show you a postcard a friend sent while travelling in Egypt....
Glad we live in more modern times :-)



hiatus - one last thought

The original happy meal...cheers


hiatus for vacation

Well, the travel bug has hit, fortunately not bitten , and we are off travelling to places where it is not as hot as Florida in July. Alaska and British Columbia beckon.

Keep the home fires burning, at least on someone's bottom.
Which one of these do you prefer?
Or this onecheers


Happy Independence Day: May you experience fireworks

If you cannot venture out today to see fireworks, maybe you can be fortunate to have your own fireworks at home.

Get readyA good angle to give a different but familiar feel.
Is his bottom hot enough yet....
She has it right... Always be happy in your work, and make certain that you have done a thorough job.
If you happen to have white skin, may it soon be turned red to display the red and white of our flag, and you definitely won't be blue, otherwise another spanking would be in order immediately.


Erotic reactions of the FEMALE SPANKER

Saving the best for last, as some might say, this poll wants to know if the woman spanker experiences sexual arousal when either contemplating giving her partner a spanking, or when actually giving their partner a spanking.Cindy does get sexually charged, most of the time, when giving a spanking to me!However, if the spanking is one where she is furious about something that I have done that she dislikes, then sexual thoughts do not surface until after she has calmed down by spanking me.We always cuddle at some time after a spanking, and then the sexual feelings can come to surface, including the hormones created by the activity and energy expended on our behalf.A worse situation, however, would involve something that I should have done but had not done.I am forgetful, and pay for it if it was something important.
The photos try to cover a woman spanking a man, but also a woman spanking another woman.Enjoy looking at whatever you prefer, or both...
If it shows a spanking, it must be good is my philosophy.


Are you erotically aroused by contemplating GIVING a spanking, and/or actually ADMINISTERING a SPANKING

yes, everytime
yes, almost everytime
frequently, but no talways