Poll: Erotic reactions of the MALE SPANKER

Well, as promised, here is the next section of the poll. THIS IS FOR THE MALE SPANKERIF you are male, and you spank someone, do you get erotically charged, such that an erection occurs either before or at some time during the spanking. The love-making that quite probably occurs soon after the spanking is not relevant to the question being asked... although it is extremely relevant for many of us.

The poll:

Poll for the MALE SPANKER

Do you achieve erection before or during GIVING a spanking?

yes, everytime
yes, almost everytime
frequently, but not always


PLEASE RE-VOTEon A Poll for any woman that is spanked

I screwed up. The pictures and the text DID not agree with the poll. The pictures are of a woman being spanked, whereas the poll was for the woman being the spanker. Thus, I removed the old poll and have put a new one. My Apologies. The new poll now in this posting is for women that are spanked!!!! .

Recently, I had a poll about erections and spanking. Here is the click link to that posting, if you have not

However, it obviously was aimed at men, and I should have included a poll for women. The poll related to receiving a spanking, and thus this will be about Receiving a spanking ONLY.I will do two new polls in a few days, where the male or female is giving the spanking.The difficulty is simply how to phrase such a poll. With men, the erection is obvious. As is normal, men can never tell about women simply by a quick glance.
The following is a photo of a woman looking forward to the experience

From wikipedia: Sexual arousal, or sexual excitement, is the arousal of sexual desire, during or in anticipation of sexual activity. Things that precipitate human sexual arousal are colloquially known as turn-ons. There are many potential stimuli, both physical or mental, which can cause a person to become sexually aroused. Sexual arousal usually leads to physiological changes in the aroused person, some of which are pronounced while others are more subtle.

(The next photo seem s to suggest less joy in knowing you are about to be spanked)

Sexual arousal may not lead to an actual sexual activity, beyond a mental arousal and the physiological changes that accompany it. Given sufficient stimulation, sexual arousal in humans will typically end in an orgasm; but may be pursued for its own sake, even in the absence of an orgasm. Thought I would copy the above from wikipedia for the fun of it.

It is uncertain if this woman is enjoying the experience, but the last photo leaves no doubt of the enjoyment.

I am not asking if you orgasm when knowing you are to be spanked, but simply do you become sexually aroused, in however you define it from what is written above.However, here is my attempt at a poll for women.
Thus the NEW poll


Do you experience sexual arousal knowing you are about to be spanked, and/or during the spanking

yes, everytime
yes, almost everytime
frequently, but not always



today's chuckle for Ronnie, Hermione and Trish

I thought a little humor might be welcome... so here we go... or as Jackie Gleason used to say....AND AWAY WE GO....In the sleepy village of Erbum, in the town of Tillet, Hertfordshire lives a lady by the name Linda Lykes

She owns the local pub called The Cock Inn.

Her mail is addressed:
Linda Lykes
The Cock Inn
Tillet, Herts.

Read the above as one sentence...of course, if Linda is not in the mood, then the herts might be for my bum.


so many sites, so little time

The spanking phenomena has really come out of the closet, with the advent of the internet.

You are always just a few clicks away from seeing pictures or videos of spankings.

Women happily write blogs about their desire to be spanked, and men write similar blogs. Far more women write than men! I think it is simply that women are more willing to write and explain their feelings and desires, whereas men are less likely on average to do so!. The macho image cannot be overlooked, whereas women can have a chuckle between their best friends if they are spanked at their own request. However, more and more men are starting blogs about their being spanked, but almost exclusively in the submissive discipline vein.
Our bottoms burn is a breathe of fresh air in terms of both sexes being spanked.

A few people have commented that this is mostly a F/M blog, and that is in essence true. The vast majority of spankings are given by Cindy, as the spanking fetish is mine. Men can more easily accept being spanked, if in a discipline style idea where they surrender control, thus most blogs by men are of the femdom style of punishment, not pleasure. Ours is both discipline and pleasure.

Today's entry then, is simply a link to another site where you can see any type of spanking picture or video that you find stimulating...How these sites use copyrighted material is quite amazing.

One other observation...
Twenty years ago, spankings on many videos were simply play acting, with no red occurring on the spanked bottom. Even six years ago, some F/M sites simply went through the motions, with the loudest hairbrush possible, that gives the least possible impact.

Now, for better or in my opinion much worse, you can see real evil in action.

Today's link:


If you like videos, then you will have a wealth of material to enjoy, some F/M, but most are F/F and some are M/F

This one of Abigail is really exceptional!


or simply click http://spankingtube.com.ar/videos to pick the video of your choice.




Just a light(sad)-hearted moment
to say that both England and the USA have been spanked at soccer...

The spanking was administered in public, but really deserved to be in private...

The truly sad point was an obvious goal by England, that would have tied the game, shifted momentum dramatically, and possibly altered the outcome was disallowed because FIFA does not allow video tape replay of any action.

Contrary to what announcers would say later, in the blink of the eye, without video replay, television viewers had no clue if it had gone in.

This truly must change! The officials were in their proper position, but simply that position is not conducive for the call that was needed. In the twinkling of an eye, from 80 yards away, an assistant referee is supposed to see the ball land inside the net, while running at full speed... a joke like non-other.

Too bad this woman was not walking into FIFA headquarters to deal with the person at the top of FIFA, whoever that is...cheers


on the spot

A small post....

Yesterday, Cindy was annoyed at something I did in the kitchen,so it was bare bottom treatment by a wooden spoon.

That wooden spoon can create quite a burn immediately, and have you hopping if applied vigorously for a short while.

Fortunately (?), this was only a dozen spanks, but the point was made, not to be repeated.

I was bare bottomed, but I was not requested to be naked!

Spankings are always bare bottomed. The sex later that night included a small play spanking as part of the foreplay, and was amazing.



As Time Goes By

The strains of the melody ...you must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss..

Once they were so young, as we were also....Then life continued, beautifullyJust where have all the years gone, you might ask........

about now.. living in the South,
I hear the strands of country and western music taking over...

Oh Well, it was worth the laugh.... (no offense ladies) cheersRed


100,000 hits

I am very pleased that since I put a counter on this blog, that the blog has been visited more than 100, 000 times.

Thank you to everyone that drops by, and I always appreciate any comments you might leave.

On the spanking home front, Cindy came into the room where I was watching tv, with a look of intense determination on her face.

I was informed to follow her into our bedroom. She retrieved the hair brush, and I was over her knee bare bottomed immediately.

After a rapid set of spanks, the reason was explained. Then another set of spanks, followed by some very warm caresses soothing my bottom and elsewhere. The problem explained is on the way to being solved. I thanked Cindy for the spanking to start a solution to the problem.

Glad it was 100,000 hits on the blog,and not my bottom.



women having fun

A small photo collection to make you smile.

This woman has an excellent imagination. She must be a spanking enthusiast. Would you have the guts to do this pose in public?
Now these women are definitely happy individuals. The small print states "place butts here"
And, for our last entry, this women certainly has a handful..cheers


Carmenica Diaz site

If you are interested in looking at an erotic site, chock full of femdom and fetish pictures, with a multitude of fiction that you could purchase, then this is the site for you..

Here is June 21st entry, a rather stylish and totally hot picture...
if you search around their is a section devoted solely to femdom by clicking the following link..

Here are a few samples


volunteers needed?

I have to wonder how many of the readers of this blog would volunteer to be the spanker, or anyone of the technicians used in the production of the video that these stills came from..

Girl Spanks Girl is a Clare Fonda's Exclusive all F/F spanking website which offers traditional OTK spanking as well as erotic spanking. Girl Spanks Girl is the home of the Exclusive Education video series (all FOUR Exclusive Education movies can be found here)

Clare appears to be in fine form, as this red bottom is showing.
The acting is quite good in the photos, and placing the about to be spanked or already spanked women in the background was a brilliant idea.The above and following photos were posted on one of the yahoo groups, but I am not certain which.
The site to visit is www.girlspanksgirl.com Happy viewing
The site contains a disciplinary sectionbut it also contains erotic spankingsas well as sensual spankings I hope the site does not object to my posting these photos, as this might be enough of an enticement for potential customers to visit the site, and consider joining. If, however, they want this post removed, a simple email to xxxred17@yahoo.com will have me remove the post immediately after I read the email.
I have also added a link in the link section to this site.