I would just like to step up and remind everyone about freedom. I did an earlier post, and it received zero comments.Many people are blase about the world, and only see the negatives in life.
I was out for lunch (I am out to lunch on many things), but in the restaurant it had a plaque that stated
Live Laugh Love
It's not things that are important, it everything other than thingsSo, if you value freedom, then somehow take the time to show it. Do not simply ramble on against government or politicians, or taxes.....

Without freedom, this type of blog would not exist. Without freedom, we could be shackled to dogma of religions and or regimes that boggle the mind.Take a minute to appreciate all the good things in our life, and then say a word of thanks to the veterans who fought to give us this freedom, and to the people who died on our behalf, so that we could live as a free people.
It is the
VETERAN, not the preacher,
who has given us freedom of religion.
It is the VETERAN, not the reporter,
who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the
VETERAN, not the poet,
who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the
VETERAN, not the campus organizer,
who has given us freedom to assemble.
It is the VETERAN, not the lawyer,
who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the
VETERAN, not the politician,
Who has given us the right to vote.

It is the
VETERAN who salutes the Flag of freedom, in any country where freedom reigns.

The above also applies to all free countries, such as Canada, the United Kingdom, many parts of Europe, Australia, Israel, New Zealand... the list goes on...

Unfortunately, the list of NON_FREE countries list is equally as long, if not longer.



What's the big deal.... SMILE

Somehow, this always causes a difficulty between Mars and Venus....

Venus assumes, whereas Mars simply lives by the motto:

look before you leap...

Obviously, I am of the Mars viewpoint.....

Then again: remember to smile...

I'm sorry, honey...... but you know what happens when you break the rule about not leaving the toilet seat up!
The lady below has decided that a spanking with in the bathroom, with her sitting on the toilet seat with the top cover also down, might just get the message across!cheers


Yahoo Group: Wives Spanking Husbands

Time to get you to join another group, if solely for the pictures.

The pictures are grouped exceptionally well, which is somewhat the exception to the normal method.

Examples are hairbrush being caned, cane, carpet beater, looking up to mistress, lovely laps, and many more.

The site is not active, so you will not have to send messages to view the photos.

I will use some photos over time with the themes suggested.



The first photo is from the hairbrush folder, and the other two are from the folder "looking up to mistress".



Mouth soaping - not our thing!

I have seen a number of mouth soaping pictures and drawings in various Yahoo groups, so I thought I would share this topic with my readers.

The real topic is domination and submission!

This is not something that one would normally agree with except in a dominance submissive relationship.

It is beyond spanking, but then again, many if not most adults who find being spanked abnormal in the extreme.

If you have ever experienced this as an adult, maybe you might want to comment on it's practice.

If as a child, please do not mention it,or I will have to delete the comment.

This is an adult only blog.

We have never tried this, and have no intention of ever trying it.



new clothing trend from Japan

Always wanting to be on the cutting edge of fashion, I thought you might like to look at the newest trend.

This new trend in clothing is bound to delight every spankers heart.

Anyone want to go bowling....




Firm Hand Spankings

If on one day I give you a link to seeing Men being spanked by women,

then it is only suitable that I give you a link to seeing women being spanked.

One good site you might like to have a look at is entitled:

Firm Hand Spankings

This site has been around for quite some time, and features women being spanked, by either a man or by a woman.

If you click the link and enter the site for free to have a look see, you will find that the site has short videos that lets you see the product that you would see if you joined.

In addition, you can sign up for the weekly email, that shows the new content that is available on the site, and obviously has a link to the main site.

So have a look and see if it suits your tastes.

I have added one video from the site that goes with the theme of three posts ago of seeing a knee, raised, ready to have a person bent over it and spanked.

This video comes from the free videos that Firm hand ladies allow you to see, so hopefully with the links to their site, they will not be annoyed. However, if they send me an email, I will gladly remove the video.

Extra added: Have you ever spanked or been spanked in this position, with your feet and hands dangling in the air, as shown in this video?


kitchen attention

Two nights ago, I was extremely exhausted from athletic endeavors, and definitely did not respond correctly to something Cindy stated. I didn't realize it then, but Cindy reminded me yesterday.

Out of the blue so to speak, Cindy called out to me to come into the kitchen, sometime during the morning. She was standing there, with the wooden spoon in her hand, and a look on her face that she was not about to serve some soup.

IT was bare your bottom and bend over, and a number of real scorchers were given to my bottom. I was then asked if I knew why I was being spanked. I replied that I did not know, and the result was another volley of spanks. Cindy was really swinging her arm, not just her wrist to deliver the spanks!. They were all landing in a very small area, with first one spot being well treated, before moving to the other cheek to work on one spot there.

A pause, and the reason was explained, with the added note that the only reason I was not spanked last night was because of my obvious fatigue.

The spanking concluded with another volley! I thanked Cindy for having corrected the problem that I had caused.

This happened in the morning, but later that night looking in the mirror, I could see a still red reminder on the spots that had been spanked.

The photos from REAL SPANKING show the exact spoon, but the spanked person was male, not female. I thought it was quite good that I found pictures of the spoon.



FEMDOM spanking Blog

Many of my readers come to read about our spanking life, but it is not very active at the moment.

However, some readers may like that I post other sites to visit, thus you can find your way from site to site without saving sites by bookmarking, and then having some relative or friend use your computer and see the names of sites you visit.

These first three pictures are of Kay Richards, a beautiful looking woman.

One good site that shows fem dom pictures and short clips is

It has many videos where you see a short clip of a spanking. The site has more videos than pictures, and links to an extremely large section of the F/M world.

http://www.femdomspankingblog.com/?p=1777 is just one example.

PS: these three photos actually came from a link that went to ClareSpanks Men,com

Wouldn't you just love to be over this lap....

I imagine in a few days I will post about this site also.

The site has been in existence since August 2007, so you could go their daily and take a year to see everything.

What I love about the clips is that the spankings, although staged, are realistic, in that the man's bottom is certainly a beet red long before the spanking ends.


The site uses the name as though it is a blog, but it is simply a vehicle to allow you to see prior to purchasing a video.

Do enjoy



things are looking up poll re-opened

Things are looking up...specifically the woman at the right in the above photo seems to have gotten the males attention, and his cock, whereas our view is quite enticing also.
Sometimes, if you are having to remove your pants and underwear before being spanked, your wife has already placed a leg for you to bend over. Thus, these next few photos might be the view that you see, before having a close-up view of the floor..The poll on the side of the blog now works again, as I changed it's ending date until December....Hope you enjoyed the pictures...
Will wonders never end...


Google translates works thanks to LADY at sensual writer

You may have seen a feature on the side of the blog, and tried it.

IT didn't originally work, but with some help from Lady at Sensualwriter, it is now working. It may periodically not work, but should be reliable.
However, you might find some of the translations hi;hilarious.

This does not mean it will always work, but if your first language is something other than English, you might like to see if it works.

I hope many more blogs will install this feature, because I enjoy reading spanking blogs of other languages, and sometimes copy and paste what is written into a translator program.

This feature makes converting the blog so very much easier for any reader.

Lady has a site that has women being spanked, whether by a man or a woman. The drawings are exceptional, and a link is available in my link section.

Her site is found at www.lady.sensualwriter.com

As my way of sending thanks to Lady, I hope she is spanked significantly today, as her reward.

If she lived closer to where I lived, I would gladly babysit the kids so that her husband could have the privacy to fulfill both of their desires.

The drawings are from her site....



Be careful when travelling to Hawaii

If you ever travel to Hawaii, be very, very careful.

Some hotel rooms are equipped with paddles....

Under no circumstances should you travel with a

so that the implement can be removed from the wall.

The rooms also come with instruction manuals. Paddling in Hawaii..... Need I say more....

Yes, even while you are drinking a beer and relaxing the name of the beer LONGBOARD, may have some worrisome connotations.

Longboard Gives a sense of place in the spanking relationship when Paddling in Hawaii occurs







Pleasure - Pain

Pleasure Pain is a immediate thought as a follow-up to Our Bottoms Burn.
You can see in the above photo that the woman is about to enjoy giving the spanking.

In the next drawing, the woman seems a bit perplexed as to why the spanking did not at least eliminate the erection.In the following drawing, you can see the bright red bottom, and the erection at the same time.
The Pain pleasure is best exemplified in the last drawing.By the way, the photos on yesterday's post were taken from our bottoms burn blog.



Our Bottoms Burn

An excellent blog to visit is entitled Our Bottoms Burn.

The description given on the blog is as follows:

"This blog celebrates the erotic side of spanking as long practiced by one married couple. We don't spank for punishment or discipline or any reason other than to supercharge sex. Getting our bottoms toasted sexually arouses us. It's that simple.

Many blog entries will be about Becall paddling me as I feel F/M play is a topic that is not written about enough, except in fantasy or punishment terms. Bogey and Becall"

As Bogey states, if you read about a man being spanked, mostly it is in a punishment scenario, and only rarely being described as for fun.

This is a really excellent reason to read this blog.

IF you enjoy at least part of the spanking scenario, then reading about enjoying an entire spanking is worthwhile. Many people (both male and female) enjoy being spanked, and women are much more liberated in expressing their love of being spanked, and of being spanked solely for pleasure. (Hermione, Bonnie for example)

Others express the joy of being spanked, but spankings are mostly given only in a discipline scenario.

Most of our spankings are in a discipline scenario, but are no where as severe as described by others. Cindy can be in tears when she admits and is upset with herself, before the first spank. At those times, the spanking is only a couple of pats, but I do enjoy the view of Cindy's bare bottom over my knee.

When Cindy spanks me, it is only until she sees a reaction, and then lessens the intensity immensely. Maybe if we admitted to just wanting fun spankings, they could be more intense, and still be fun.

I don't know about you, the reader, but I do know that I have much to learn from reading Bogey's Blog.

So, venture on over...

Here is the link


The blog had been in existence since 2007, so we all can enjoy many past postings..... As Time Goes By... the tune from Casablanca.....