Malcolm face sitting artist

I have trolled the internet for many years, prior to starting a blog.

Lurking from site to site, just like most of my readers. I felt that I might somehow give away my identity by simply writing a comment.

Some blogs I would hastily leave, when I saw that they posted the city where the most recent readers were living.

Most times, they were accurate, as I saw my city on the list at the time I had logged in.

Now that I have a blog, I am using a counter program to let me know that someone is out there reading or at least looking at the pictures.

I realize that I am able to see the city where a person resides, but due to the fact that visitors are from around the world, no one is identifiable by me.

Your internet company could trace your activities, but not any reader.

Thus, if you feel like leaving a comment, feel free to do so. When my city appears, there are more than a million people in the area, so I can assume to be quite safe.

This lead in is just to say I at one time came across an artist MALCOLM, and stored a number of his drawings. I, unfortunately, have no idea where the drawings came from.

They are interesting, and exciting, if you are male and have some submissive tendencies.

Yesterday's post makes you aware that I found it very exciting.

Enjoy, and if you know where Malcolm has a website, let us all know.

My Internet anti-virus is not working, so I will have to go and purchase a better one, thus I am not surfing except to post.



dominant and submissive fun

Yesterday, had quite an interesting turn of events. I had worked during the day, something I and Cindy do occasionally, and then stopped off to buy some New England lobster, dessert (chocolate cake), white wine and flowers.

Cindy was busy taking a bath when I arrived home, as I put the food and wine in the fridge, and the flowers I had purchased in a vase.

When Cindy eventually came out of our bedroom, she looked amazing dressing in sexy lingerie. We kissed and cuddled, and then she pointed that I should go to our bedroom!

When in the bedroom, she informed me to disrobe, and lie on the bed. She then proceeded to tie my hands and told me to keep them over my head.

She was in complete charge of the proceedings, and I was completely happy with this decision. Cindy proceeded to kiss and lick whatever part of my body she wanted, but her attention to my cock was amazing.

Cindy took off the sexy lingerie top, and covered my eyes with it.

Cindy then moved upwards and nibbled on my nipples, a first in our sex life.

Cindy then removed her panties, and placed them lightly over my nose and mouth, and moved downwards to once again suck and lick on my cock.

She then moved higher and placed her vagina over my lips and tongue, which was delightful, to say the least. I licked and sucked away contentedly and with enthusiasm, until Cindy ahd an amazing climax.

With my hands still tied and above my head, Cindy lowered herself down to engulf my prick with her cunt. She was in charge of the proceedings and rode me to her rhythm, and occasionally bent forward to suck and nibble and bite lightly on my nipples. WOW!

I was about to climax, but used the submissive trait that I have read and asked "mistress, can I come now" Cindy stated yes immediately, as their was no real stopping at this point. My climax was amazing.

Afterwards, we both delighted in the sexual game that we had just played. New ways of making love enhances our love. Thought, thinking, and avoiding the same old same old, after 25 years of marriage, helps keep passion alive.

Have a great day



captioned drawings

Just a very quick post of a few drawings, two captioned.People can have fun adding captions to a drawing.
The last can be interesting for any couple that have the male dress-up in female clothes, or for those wondering who knows about the spankings they receive.


humor Tuesday

Humor is a wonderful part of spanking.
Of course, for every type of cartoon, there can always be an answer..

I can imagine Hermione wearing these underpants, or definitely Erica Scott, a new friend on Myspace. Erica is hard wired with the concept of spanking, just like Hermione and myself, and many many others. Check out her blog by clicking on her name! Erica is well known within the spanking community, and is a breath of fresh air if you read some of her blog. Also, her photos and bio are worth a look.


Dominant women

I have found a few sites where they have a number of photos that I have never seen before. I thought you might enjoy looking at them. For the woman that read this blog, there are few photos I have found of strong dominant men, or simply I am not on the correct sites.This next one has a really scary paddle...and the woman looks pleased to be about to use it.
and, remember, your spanking partner is either

informing you to be quiet while you are being spanked, the neighbors might hear.
letting you know to stop explaining, and simply get ready to be spanked.

The site where these were found is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/outbreaker_2006
You will find many different types of photos, some similar tour philosophy, and others way beyond anything we would ever do. However, in my browsing some of the photos, there is absolutely no children involved in the photos or drawings, so I have no reservations about posting this.



For Rachel

As the last post showed women spanking women, I thought I would simply post a few of OTK of women spanking men.

First the hand with the male bare bottomed over her knee.
Then the hand continues, really starting to make it's mark!
If you have really displeased the woman, expect that the hand can produce wonders on your bottom. Maybe you had needed to be spanked earlier in the day, and this is just the warm-up to redden before the brush.
The brush will certainly leave it's mark!
And hope that your woman using the wooden paddle with holes will eventually stop
These photos all came from the OTK_FMS site listed in the yahoo spanking groups. The section of photos was titled OTK Spankings.



vintage sites

If you like looking at different spanking photos, and you are over fifty, you might enjoy looking at older photos that you may have seen in your youth.

The site recommendation for today is titled Vintage spanking photos. It has obviously staged photos from the past. It is quite amazing to look at now, where you can see that the scenes are only simulated, with nary a spank in sight.

Another link on this site is to Vintage lust,

I have pasted a rather acrobatic photo of old. IF we tried this, either my back or my whole body would give out, and Cindy would do a nose plant.

If old time black and white are something you remember, then enjoy exploring.




There goes the Diet

Humor Fridays... hope you have a great weekend
Actually, Monday and Tuesday working is acceptable (MT) but WTF is the next three days....
Think it out.... then smile


Consensual spanking book

I have not read the book, but accidentally came across the title of this book while browsing around the internet. Catchy title I thought. I like the guide stating that it is for Adult spanking games, but also as a potential lifestyle choice.

I believe I should advertise it once, simply because it had used this title long before I ever had this blog. Who knows, Maybe the author will make extra sales, and send me a free copy.(I like the word free)

Consensual Spanking: An Essential Guide to Adult Spanking Games and Techniques

Consensual Spanking Book Description

Consensual spanking is for adults wishing to indulge in a spanking relationship either for pleasure or as lifestyle choice. Topics include: Why people enjoy playing spanking games How to conduct a spanking How to receive a spanking Spanking safely Organizing a typical spanking session Positions, postures and presentation. Use of spanking implements Aspects of role-play Basic control techniques. Sensual and erotic forms of spanking Spanking as fore-play Domestic discipline.

Publisher: Adlibbed Ltd Author: Jules Markham
Language: English ISBN:1905277555
No. of Pages: 168 Publish Date: 2005-02-28
Binding: Paperback $17.99

Another book on the same theme, from the same author!

Domestic Discipline

Book Description

Domestic Discipline is a lifestyle choice for couples who want to rebalance their relationship and live in harmony through the application of caring, loving, discipline. This book show you how to set up, run, and benefit from a disciplinary lifestyle. Topics include: Why do people want a DD lifestyle? The Philosophy and Psychology of DD. Spanking and other forms of discipline. Corrective versus restorative discipline. Orgasm control and sexual focus. Discipline and emotional cycles. Synchronising your cycles. Applying the discipline. Maintenance discipline. Denial and Chastity. Enema discipline. Anal Discipline. DD in the bedroom and DD on the edge.

Publisher: Adlibbed Ltd Author: Jules Markham
Language: English ISBN:189731244X
No. of Pages: 184 Publish Date: 2007-05-31
Binding: Paperback cost $17.09

You can find these on Amazon.com if you have any desire to read either or both of these books. IF you do, please let us know



Yahoo group OTK_FMS

Another good site for photos and discussion that I will be using in the near future is OTK_FMS

From the opening screen of this yahoo spanking group:

Consensual Spanking Only Group for F/M,F/F and Switches. Tolerance and Respect are advocated for each and every member here and for his/her opinion.Please intro within 72 hours and at post every 30 days to remain a member of this board. Mail must be set on Individual or Digest so you are aware of what is going on and a bit of a reminder to join in. We do not advocate or encourage commercial spankings of any kind as we are a discussion group. It is an informal group that does not demand the use of titles. That is an option not a demand. The policies are for Spankers and Spankees.

Let go of your attachment to being right, and suddenly your mind is more open.
You are able to view the unique viewpoints of others, without being crippled by your own judgment.

~Ralph Marsten~

Please use this site as a gathering place of ideas and opinions, sort of like a reference library.

Take what you need and leave the rest on the shelves for someone else to consider.

Do not take us as absolutes. Please browse our Archives, Files, Links they contain Informative Articles and Links.This is a free spanking and discussion groups we do not advocate or encourage commercial spankers or spankings of any kind.

Spankings are like a pair of shoes to the connoisseur.
You cannot expect to satisfy,
in the long run,
all the different needs of the Spanker or the Spankee
with one single spanking.

Click on the link, or copy and paste. Have a look at the pictures, many are ones I had not seen before.


Messages have tailed off (pun intended) in this group, but I will make a post or two in the near future to try to encourage more discussion. My problem is that the blog takes time everyday, and reading two or three other blogs and that's enough. There is far more to life than simply spanking and blogging, but both are fun.




I happened to be reading (glancing through) a Cosmopolitan Magazine from last month, and the magazine stated that inside was a topic that they couldn't print on the cover.I was quite amazed to see that the topic was " ORAL SEX"Well, thinking that my readers are relatively liberated from prudery, then I wonder what your habits might be beyond the spanking world. I must admit that until I read this article, I had rarely mentioned that we include oral sex as part of our make love. Maybe I have been shy to mention it, yet unafraid to mention being spanked, or spanking Cindy. ME shy, Incredible! Maybe Dante's shy, or Hermione, but not I.

I will over time start expanding with ideas I have read elsewhere, but that we do NOT participate in. However, others have written about them, such as ... well, let' s leave that to a later date.

So, here is my first attempt at a poll. Sparklit states I can put it in the post itself, whereas blogger's poll appears to be something I can only put in the right hand column.

So, having more than 100 return visitor's a day (meaning they have been here more than once), hopefully you will take the time to vote. Hope you liked the photos.


Oral Sex

Your opinion on oral sex

My partner and I give pleasure to each other orally regularly
My partner and I give pleasure to each other orally occasionally
My partner and I NEVER give pleasure to each other orally
in our relationship, only the male gives oral pleasure. It is NOT reciprocated
in our relationship, only the female gives oral pleasure. It is NOT reciprocated


Disagreement stroked away

Seems I am writing and sitting on a red bottom often these days. This is giving a philosophical view for my writing, so I am being a little .... allegorical ...today..

Yesterday, being over-tired from a lot of driving for two straight days, I stated opinions that were ill-conceived, and used the wrong tone. (Doubtless I will work on tone and presentation of ideas from now on)

The discussion was about the hairstyle that Cindy had just had done by the hairdresser.

The result was that today I had to do a presentation.

The presentation was of my bare bottom, my being bent at the waist, with hands on our bed. The delivery of the educational lesson was via the cane.

First a summary of the reason why we were to have this lesson.

Then the lesson was presented. Many short meaningful cane strokes were the main stay of the presentation, and after twelve the goal of the lesson was repeated.

Cindy admired her handiwork, and then began again to reinforce the message.

The message was delivered slowly, so that each stroke could begin it's warming intensity, before another was applied.

My bottom was at times waving in the air, and my legs were doing a low dance at the knees. Cindy would wait until I settled, and then deliver another stroke. Another part of my anatomy was also waving, but it subsided before the lesson was completed.

A summary was given, and I thought the spanking was over, but a number of extra strokes continued just for the sake of practice with different strokes, and to be certain to be erring on the side of giving a significant correction.

The drawing on the left is accurate, as Cindy helped bring me back to life so to speak, but I was informed that would need to wait until tonight. Thus, yes you are sexually excited, and maybe I am also, but let's let the reason of the spanking sink in.



Thought for the day

I recently joined another yahoo group, and found these captioned photos that I thought might amuse you..
They come from a site, originally I imagine, that is entitled thebitch.biz
I have no idea if they have many of this nature, but the ones on the yahoo group were fun to look at.



last night

All it takes is a quick session with Ms. Paddle to solve any minor annoyance.

Yesterday brought a disagreement, rather trivial, in the kitchen before dinner. One look, and the request to "go get it', had me retrieving Ms. Paddle for a quick impromptu session in the kitchen.

It was a simple, bare your bottom, and bending over the kitchen counter for a quick strong session of only about ten or so spanks, but all strong, and resulting in my knees doing a bit of moving.

Ms. Paddle was then put away, and dinner preparations continued. I thanked Cindy for solving the disagreement, and a pleasant evening evolved.



humor Thursdays

A little post to keep you happy and amused...first is I believe an old postcardSecond is an impulse that requires thought, but too tempting to resist.
Might the previous postcard be considered an original sin
if so, the sin hard cider might be soothing.



We are in possession of a small wooden paddle, that is becoming one of Cindy's favorites.

Cindy, last week, decided to give our small paddle a whirl.

Cindy is now spanking me regularly and often, and it is relieving stress in our life, keeping me on my toes (so to speak) and invigorating our love life. WE have been married just over twenty six years, and it is a wonderful longtime relationship. However, if one allows things to drift in a relationship, and have no accountability, then to us their is a lessening of desire, complacency, and then the relationship can become less loving.

With Cindy spanking me, and the erotic effect it has on both of us, it literally keeps me on my toes... if you get my drift...

It is sexually and emotionally exciting, although foreboding, to see Cindy walk in the room holding a spanking implement. Last week, she walked into the room where we have the big screen television, and stated: I wonder where we should use this?"

We, literally, do NOT use this implement. It is only used on my bottom, never Cindy's.

Cindy decided that I should bare my bottom and lie over the arm of the couch that I had just been so comfortably seated on, watching television.

Cindy proceeded to quite strongly apply this paddle to the seat of the problem. As is Cindy's method, she used it covering every inch (okay for others cm) of my bottom, and then admired her handiwork for a momentary pause. She re-iterated the reason for this spanking, and commented how well spanked my bottom was looking.

Cindy stated what a wonderful paddle it was, and how thoughtful it was of a mutual friend of ours to send it to us.

Cindy then proceeded to use the paddle again, employing her trick of simply using it on one spot until my feet start doing a dance, then moving on to another spot until the dance had begun again. My feet did quite a lot of movement before this spanking was done.

Cindy stopped, and informed me that I should write our friend and let her know how happy she is with the present, and how effective it is in giving a good spanking when needed. Cindy then proceeded to give a quick barrage of spanks to my bottom, while re-iterating that I should write to our friends and thank them.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking when she stated that it was finished, and we hugged. Cindy decided that the sexual arousing would wait until later that night.

I am very happy that we have spanking in our lives, as opposed to when we used to fight for days, neither giving an inch (okay cm) in who was wrong.

We are now in the place where a spanking solves almost any problem! Most, but not all times, I am the one spanked! The fact that the difference of opinion happened, is spanked away, followed by making love immediately or later that same day. No grudges, no recriminations.

The two pictures:
the first shows the paddle, but not the position.
The second shows the position but not the paddle. The third picture just shows another position I have been in recently to receive the joys of this paddle. Everyone should add this paddle to their collection.

PS: the letter
Ms. Catherine:


I hope this finds you and your husband both well, happy and enjoying life to the fullest. You are possibly travelling at the moment, or may have already returned.

I would once again like to thank you for Ms. Paddle. It is a very effective implement, and can easily solve problems.

Cindy used it on my bottom last week, and expressed her admiration for such a thoughtful and useful gift. Cindy expressed how well balanced it was, such that it can hit the exact spot with immediate effect. It is weighted so that the striking part naturally falls into the right position for each spank.

We both felt that my bending and lying over the arm of the couch put my bottom in a good position to be effectively spanked. Because my feet were not supporting me or touching the floor, they began to dance as the spanking really heated up. It also allowed Cindy to swing her arm easily and comfortably, with the weighted head of Ms. Paddle causing her wrist to snap making each spank quite attention grabbing, so to speak.

Cindy had my feet dancing, and was extremely happy about this and my bright red and sore bottom.

Cindy informed me to write and thank you, and I apologize for not having written until now. As many reasons as exist for being busy, unfortunately I should have written earlier, as I have had time to work on my blog.

Ms. Paddle is prominently, but discreetly at the same time, displayed standing up on top of a row of books on our bookcase. Sometimes it simply lays on my desk in open view also, as a reminder to be good.

Thanks again.