Home again

Not certain what to write for awhile, but Cindy could give me items to write about.We had a wonderful vacation, and enjoyed every minute of it, and every drop of wine also.As we attack laundry and bills and cutting the grass, I will simply post a couple of pictures of household furniture that can help position the spanker for their spanking.cheers
May all t he adult bottoms you know be reddened!


another day another vacation

Well, time to take another vacation, while the airfares are cheap, and the season is moderate, and the hotels are inexpensive. We love travelling at this time.

Where do you think you are going?
I just need to adjust before taking you over my knee!Now i am ready to deal with your leaving this blog for another 20 days or so!

For those not into reading a lot of different blogs, may I suggest the following links
Disciplinary wives club guest book Simply click in the left panel for guest book, and then choose view my guestbook. IF you have never been there before, you will read many many pages of people in the dwc lifestyle, and also read so much well deserved praise for Aunt Kay. You should also read the Real Persons section, and then the purpose and tips sections. If you sign the guest book with your lifestyle events, possibly send a separate note to Aunt Kay stating I was the one that brought her site to your attention. (Politely, very politely)

A number of people have been exiting to yahoo groups I suggest, so one fabulous site is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/getover_my_knee/
The photos are really excellent, and i have included just four from hundreds upon hundreds.. Then you can put your own words to what you think the conversation might be..
You may like the view, but not when you are bent over my knee bawling your eyes out as I spank your bare bottom... come here NOW!!!Be back in a jif....


romantic valentine

Unfortunately, the picture above this appears for everyone.

I missed posting on Valentine's Day, so this is probably a justified result.

This gif image came from another yahoo group that has good photos and artwork.


If you are a member of yahoo groups,then you might consider joining this one. You can say that I sent you, but that is the only publicity that is necessary for my blog. I do NOT want to be removed from a group for advertising my blog.

I found the gif in celebration spankings.



Thought for the day (maybe for every day)

Our lifestyle is always evolving, and although we may be somewhat a part of the Spencer plan, we seem to be headed in the DISCIPLINARY WIVES CLUB direction.

I am spanked most of the time, if a spanking occurs in our household.

Cindy is rarely spanked.

I enjoy the concept of spankings, and find it extremely arousing.

Simply the statement: come with me, or go get the hairbrush has an instant effect! The only part I don't like about spankings is after the first few spanks, when the reality of being spanked inflames itself into my bottom and my mind. The aftercare is however wonderful, as well as the afterburn.

The following is a fun drawing, with appropriate words to live by, if you have the spanking fetish. IT applies equally to male or female, depending on your persuasion.
The drawing comes from an excellent yahoo group, that has some really good drawings. As always, I may recommend a group, but do not actually follow the conversations, nor do I endorse all of the practices that might be in the photo section.

the group is called: OTK FMS


Take a look if you are interested.



from a friend

a friend sent me a link to a website

Bettie Page loved her animal prints and we created an Authentic Circle Stitch Leopard Print Bullet Bra and coordinating Six Strap Garter Belt for Betties exclusive collection. The Bullet Bra has all the authentic details you expect with real circle stitching. The six strap garter belt is detailed with a ruffle trim and has one inch wide adjustable garter straps with metal garter grips. Coordinate these pieces with our Bettie Pinup Brief, Leopard Pillbox Hat, Erica Skirt and Anna Sheer Blouse for a stunning outfit!

Exclusively by Secrets In Lace ~ Remember...Keep The Romance Alive!!

you can go look at the Bettie Paige collection at the following site...


Possibly I might do a little review of some Bettie Paige sites, as she was a spanking darling of my youth....


an Italian blog

Lumasoc has started a blog, which includes drawings of his own.
He wrote as his intro:

I am a great admirer of the ladies educators and I love to be spanked by a woman because of holy heavy-handed.
I like to write stories and draw pictures of the "spanking"

You might like to take a look at his site. Hopefully he will post links to other Italian sites, expanding everyone's knowledge and additional drawings and photos and stories of spankings.

Thisis quite a good collection of battipanni (carpet beaters)

click on the link to see more



over her knee

A few photos that show a dominant woman about to give a spanking... You can either be the dominant, thinking you are the person in the chair, or the person that is about to go over the knee for a real spanking.

However, I recommend you don't keep her waiting!You Are NEXTEnjoy


home again

I thought I might share a few sights we saw while on vacation...

Isn't mother nature wonderful, creating such items for people to have fun with in pictures...Well, maybe I saw the next one only in my dreams..There were a limited amount of play spankings while away, as we were having too much fun to need any real spankings.

However, being home again, the last two photos of I belive to be Mistress Zoe from Strictwomen.com are probably more interesting for some readers to contemplate.