Well ,after about 70 posts, I am taking a break for a month.The travelling bug has hit us, and although the rain has finally stopped, we are off cruising once again.
This will be a longer cruise, so best to take about a month off.

Readership has been increasing, so I hope you are enjoying

Come back again next month. If you click on the next picture, this woman seems delighted with her spanked bottom. May you be as happy and lucky.If you are new to this blog, you might go and look at some of the previous posts.



humor "taking it in the can"

This blogs interest is spanking, whether for fun or for solving some of life's problems between a couple.

Others that read this blog, or similar blogs may have some different fetishes, which can be the male being more submissive and thus as discipline be required at times to wear woman's panties (or more). You can simply troll by clicking on links, or clicking on follwers of a blog, and then seeing which blogs they read... Explore someday just for fun.

For my European readers: The phrase "taking it in the can " refers to anal sex.

I am currently watching an old Two and a half men episode..

Some of the statements while Dr. Harper is treating a patient.. obviously a guy..

"i like a little junk in the trunk...

Just between you and me she likes a little spanking...from Santa,
I checked the list twice... always naughty...

Hope you find this video funny... stay to the "end" for realization of the humor.

"I like it in the can..."



For the F/M lovers

Your secret has been discovered.Here are a few pictures of dominant women, awaiting to spank you.

The idea of the straight back chair, and the woman comfortably seated holding a hairbrush can definitely be unsettling.
You can imagine yourself to be the spanker, or the one about to be spanked.The chair is not however needed, but the smile on the woman below is absolutely delightful. The brush also looks quite effective to make your feet dance!




Last night we had a fun time, where Cindy decided on giving me a play spanking before making love. She was dressed in amazing lingerie, and she looked beautiful.

She suggested I get a leather implement or two, to match her leather bra. i stated that leather really isn't effective, which was a mistake. {dummy, just do as suggested and be happy]

We recently had purchased a heart shaped leather paddle, with the heart also being hollow. I will take a picture sometime to show. IT is in the shape of a heart, and has metal studs on the leather portion, with a empty space.

Cindy wondered if the paddle would make a reddened heart shape on my bottom caused by the leather part, but with a white heart shape inside it where the empty space is.

This didn't really happen, as Cindy had more fun spanking all over my bottom as she got the feel of the paddle. Also, the studs made a significant impact on my bottom, and Cindy appreciated my re-action.

This took place, with me bare bottomed over her knees, while she was sitting on the bed. Cindy spanked much harder than play might suggest, as she was determined to let me know that a leather paddle can be quite effective. Cindy playfully commented that you seem to be feeling this effectively, by the way your feet are dancing.

Cindy then changed to a leather strap that has fingers. She used it with all her strength. I definitetly felt both implements, and have changed my opinion of them. The heart shaped one can really get your attention when used with strength, as can the other implement also.

When Cindy had decided that play was done, we passionately made love. a hot bottom, and a hot wife, are a wonderful combination. I recommend the practice to everyone.



women having fun- a early Valentine's gift

I thought you might find this amusing. This item can be found at lovehoney.co.ukC-String Invisible Underwear Black
New beach attire, so that a woman does not get any tan lines.

Click here for the link

There are two videos, one in English (the second video) and one in German (the first video) In the German one, some women have fun showing it as a hat.

In the English video, they say that it makes a woman feel great if in an evening dress, where no pantie line is shown.

A man might think that this could be that EXTRA ROMANTIC little touch to give his wife on Valentine's Day.

The result of such an offering could be

not necessarily the warm feelings he was expecting to receive from his partner.

Our only defense men, is that we married a beautiful woman, and even though both of us have aged, we still find our wife to be amazingly beautiful.




Not exactly the appropriate word for the tile, but it does give an inclination to the contents.

In continuing our return to spanking more regularly, Cindy has helped relieve some of her stress, and a lot of mine. (It's my blog, and she rarely reads it, so I can say that some of the stress was on her part.)

The morning session had Cindy deciding to first use the wooden hairbrush with me over her knee. As you can imagine, I was disrobed from the waist down, and bare bottom while over her lap.

Cindy used the hair brush for a considerable amount of time, and my bottom was on fire before she stopped. She commented about why I was being spanked, that I was worrying far too much and just letting stress consume me and any motivation that I have to do things.

It was suggested that we should start makng a list of things that are needing to be done, and that we can then check them off when completed and feel satisfaction with the achievement.

Cindy completed using the hair brush, but then asked me to go and get the cane.


I dutifully retrieved the cane, and this time was informed to bend over with my hands resting on Cindy's dresser. Cindy then proceeded to re-emphasize the points that she had made with the hair brush.

This caning probably involved about twenty short strokes, and then finsihed off with three stronger ones that I was instructed to count.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and helping me start dealing with my stress. We hugged, but Cindy said that we could make love later, not NOW!

Later in the afternoon, Cindy felt that we had accomplished a few things, but that another spanking would definitely help complete my motivation and stress relief.

Cindy stated that she wanted it to be effective, so we should start withthe bath brush. The words start with proved to be ominous.

Once again, I found myself bare bottomed over her knee, with my already red bottom being reddened further. Cindy did not use the bath brush severely, yet she did not use it lightly also.

Every spank was felt. The lecture was re-inforced so to speak.

When Cindy stopped, she informed me, while i was over her knee, that she felt I had taken the spanking well, and that my answers were good, and that She thinks the spanking will have solved the problems I was having.

For being so good about being spanked, i could decide the implement to finish the spanking with!

This would assure that everything would be good for the foreseeable future.


Asking for a feather might just start everything all over, so I opted ofr the demon rubber strap form Aunt Kay's site. The Magna strap!

Cindy was quite delighted with my choice, showing myt willingness to be soundly spanked to chase away the demons.

I bent over the same dresser as in the morning, and over ten strong whacks with the magna strap had me buckling at the knees, and a reminder to stay still.

When Cindy was about finished, she asked if this was sufficient for my lesson, and I readily agreed. Cindy stated well just three more, and please count them for me. They were memorable.

My bottom is still red three days later. I have been to the gym once, but stayed in a corner while changing to keep my reddened bottom out of sight. In the shower, no one was in the other showers, so I escaped undetected.

The spanking has helped me greatly, and the sex that followed this spanking was absolutely awesome!

I strongly recommend you try this solution to stress and worry!