play spanking Cindy

Cindy was in a very playful mood yesterday. She started to tease me, and playfully waggled her bottom at me while we were in the kitchen. Always being willing to play, I grabbed a wooden spoon, and gave her a few playful spanks.

This simply increased Cindy's playfulness, and my spanking her bottom. Cindy squirmed away from my grasp, and again waggled her bottom at me.

I caught her again, and gave her quite a number of good whacks with the spoon, her laughing throughout. We did a little wrestling, where I was able to somewhat lower her pants, and apply some more spanks, but she got away and ran into another room, waiting to be caught. There was only one exit from this room.

Again a number of significant spanks over her jeans, some of the spanks were much harder than normal, and yet Cindy laughed through all of them.

The end result was my having given Cindy about twenty spanks with the wooden spoon, which I can attest to making quite an impression on me when Cindy uses it. Cindy asked how red was her poor bottom, and I checked it out for her. Her booty was quite red in some places. The follow-up kisses to sooth her bottom, led to a very wonderful amorous love making event.It is interesting to note:
The mental part of a spanking is extremely meaningful. If this was a spanking for discipline in the Spencer plan, simply the fact that one must accept being spanked for having done something wrong, makes the spanking effective, and makes each spank carry far more impact on the emotions.

This was play, and therefore a reddened bottom simply excited both of us immensely.

May you all have fun with play spankings, not simply discipline ones. We do!

PS: The spanking gif is from the opening page visible to all reader's at veralsi's spanking and fetish showcase

Hope you enjoyed the penguin playfulness! I had to remove this, because it would not be visible. I tried to drag the item from a hotmail message, and although it appears on my screen, it does not exist if I shut down my computer then re-start.


Hermione said...

That sounds like so much fun! Wooden spoons are such handy implements; keep one handy in every room.

I can't see the penguin, though.


Red said...

Sounds like a good idea about the spoons. I removed the penguins because they wouldn't appear.