Cindy spanked (NOT PLAY)

This will take a little understanding and a lot of thinking on the readers part, if only one of the two is spanked, and the other person is always the spanker.

We started spanking because of my fetish for spanking.

It has worked well, although I had hidden my spanking desires for over twenty years of marriage. We were first married, and I didn't want my wife thinking I was totally crazy (although I am somewhat crazy, and proud of it- Who wants to be "NORMAL" ) When kids came along, the spanking thoughts became more submerged, if that was possible! Once the kids had grown and moved out, I finally started to talk to Cindy about my spanking thoughts. [More about that some other time]Cindy is rarely spanked, whereas I am regularly spanked.

Like some other males, who are spanked, and write about it in their spanking blog, I enjoy the before and after of a spanking, but the enjoyment is far less during the spanking if it is a discipline spanking.

Cindy was spanked yesterday! (Discipline style)IF readers accept that discipline spanking works for a woman to discipline her man, then this scenario of the woman being disciplined must also work. Many blogs written by woman have discipline spankings as their focus, whereas many (like Hermione's) have the spankings as mild to intense but always as play.

The Spencer plan allows both types of both play and discipline, in our point of view.

Cindy yesterday was extremely, and dangerously very negligent. We had gone for a coffee together, and when stepping off the curb in a parking lot sidewalk, did not look and stepped in front of a car. I yelled, Cindy stopped startled, and realized what she had done. The car was going slowly, fortunately, and stopped far enough away from her to not be dangerous. However, if the driver had been distracted, he would have kept going right into her.

Later, in the same parking lot, after shopping at Walmart, Cindy turned with the cart to return it to the place you should put the carts in. She did this extremely abruptly, and actually dashed in front of another car that was going slowly. The car however had to stop, as it was going faster than Cindy.

Twice, distracted, Cindy had not watched before stepping into the path where cars have the right of way. Even if Cindy had the right of way, in any argument with a car, you can be right, but you may be DEAD RIGHT!

These two events were the reason for the spanking. I reminded her that if she was with our young grand-daughter (yes we have one), she would have oh so careful.

From a local Florida paper:

Orlando Metro Area Ranked Worst

in the Country for Pedestrian Accidents

"In the Central Florida counties of Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Lake in 2007–2008, 115 people were killed after being struck by cars and trucks. “The few people who do walk in Orlando face a relatively high risk of being killed,” noted the 84-page study."

To read the whole article click here.

The point is, we in Florida are not alone with pedestrian fatalities, and even more are severely injured. It happens throughout the country.

Cindy did not like the idea of being spanked, but acquiesced knowing how wrong she had been.

Thus, Cindy stood beside me as I lowered her jeans and then her panties.

I lectured her about how much I love her, and how her family loves her, and that she has to take responsibility to be careful.

I, then, guided her over my knee for her spanking.

Each spank given was with my bare hand, and with strength. She owwed and stated "not so hard". I stopped, and explained they would be hard, and then spanked some more.I spanked slowly, as this gives maximum effect. Cindy was able to feel the warming effects and jolt of the spank, before the next spank was given. This takes time, which allows more remorse and regret to set in. I all there were probably about twenty five spanks given.For all those who believe that DISCIPLINE spanking works well only with one person being the spanker, and the other person only being spanked, what would you have done in this situation?

I informed Cindy that she would be spanked harder and longer if she is careless stepping in front of a car ever again! We might even use the hairbrush she is so fond of using on my bottom.

On a bottom that is rarely spanked for discipline,this was a very meaningful spanking.
Extra info: today, Cindy playfully waggled her bottom at me, while wearing jeans, and ending up with me giving her maybe eight spanks as hard as I could with my hand. These she simply laughed off.

Yesterdays spanks were effective because she knew she had done wrong, and that it was a punishment scenario. Also, everything is now forgiven, but she knows what will happen if she is ever careless again.



Danielle said...

I am rarely spanked for real but if it happens it is a necessity and makes me afterwards(!)feel better.

Red said...

Danielle: Cindy is also rarely spanked, except in play. Play with a wooden implement in the kitchen can be harder than an actual bare bottom over the knee, but the first has Cindy laughing, while the second has emotion and regret that makes her more vulnerable, and thus amplifies every spank.