humor Friday

Hope onbe of these creates a smile. Be afraid, be very afraid!
The person who designed the following should have spanked her man, instead of allowing the anger to build.
Bill Ward's methods are probably best.


Cindy spanked (NOT PLAY)

This will take a little understanding and a lot of thinking on the readers part, if only one of the two is spanked, and the other person is always the spanker.

We started spanking because of my fetish for spanking.

It has worked well, although I had hidden my spanking desires for over twenty years of marriage. We were first married, and I didn't want my wife thinking I was totally crazy (although I am somewhat crazy, and proud of it- Who wants to be "NORMAL" ) When kids came along, the spanking thoughts became more submerged, if that was possible! Once the kids had grown and moved out, I finally started to talk to Cindy about my spanking thoughts. [More about that some other time]Cindy is rarely spanked, whereas I am regularly spanked.

Like some other males, who are spanked, and write about it in their spanking blog, I enjoy the before and after of a spanking, but the enjoyment is far less during the spanking if it is a discipline spanking.

Cindy was spanked yesterday! (Discipline style)IF readers accept that discipline spanking works for a woman to discipline her man, then this scenario of the woman being disciplined must also work. Many blogs written by woman have discipline spankings as their focus, whereas many (like Hermione's) have the spankings as mild to intense but always as play.

The Spencer plan allows both types of both play and discipline, in our point of view.

Cindy yesterday was extremely, and dangerously very negligent. We had gone for a coffee together, and when stepping off the curb in a parking lot sidewalk, did not look and stepped in front of a car. I yelled, Cindy stopped startled, and realized what she had done. The car was going slowly, fortunately, and stopped far enough away from her to not be dangerous. However, if the driver had been distracted, he would have kept going right into her.

Later, in the same parking lot, after shopping at Walmart, Cindy turned with the cart to return it to the place you should put the carts in. She did this extremely abruptly, and actually dashed in front of another car that was going slowly. The car however had to stop, as it was going faster than Cindy.

Twice, distracted, Cindy had not watched before stepping into the path where cars have the right of way. Even if Cindy had the right of way, in any argument with a car, you can be right, but you may be DEAD RIGHT!

These two events were the reason for the spanking. I reminded her that if she was with our young grand-daughter (yes we have one), she would have oh so careful.

From a local Florida paper:

Orlando Metro Area Ranked Worst

in the Country for Pedestrian Accidents

"In the Central Florida counties of Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Lake in 2007–2008, 115 people were killed after being struck by cars and trucks. “The few people who do walk in Orlando face a relatively high risk of being killed,” noted the 84-page study."

To read the whole article click here.

The point is, we in Florida are not alone with pedestrian fatalities, and even more are severely injured. It happens throughout the country.

Cindy did not like the idea of being spanked, but acquiesced knowing how wrong she had been.

Thus, Cindy stood beside me as I lowered her jeans and then her panties.

I lectured her about how much I love her, and how her family loves her, and that she has to take responsibility to be careful.

I, then, guided her over my knee for her spanking.

Each spank given was with my bare hand, and with strength. She owwed and stated "not so hard". I stopped, and explained they would be hard, and then spanked some more.I spanked slowly, as this gives maximum effect. Cindy was able to feel the warming effects and jolt of the spank, before the next spank was given. This takes time, which allows more remorse and regret to set in. I all there were probably about twenty five spanks given.For all those who believe that DISCIPLINE spanking works well only with one person being the spanker, and the other person only being spanked, what would you have done in this situation?

I informed Cindy that she would be spanked harder and longer if she is careless stepping in front of a car ever again! We might even use the hairbrush she is so fond of using on my bottom.

On a bottom that is rarely spanked for discipline,this was a very meaningful spanking.
Extra info: today, Cindy playfully waggled her bottom at me, while wearing jeans, and ending up with me giving her maybe eight spanks as hard as I could with my hand. These she simply laughed off.

Yesterdays spanks were effective because she knew she had done wrong, and that it was a punishment scenario. Also, everything is now forgiven, but she knows what will happen if she is ever careless again.



re-introducing spanking

If you have been a regular follower of this blog, and there are only a few of you, my spankings are few and far between. Health problems over the past year have limited our using spanking regularly. The spirit is willing, but the flesh might be weak. (I have to watch out for spontaneous bruising, as this could mean other health issues. In all the spankings that Cindy has given me in our married life, I have never been bruised. It is spanking after all, not S/M.

However, after the play spanking that Cindy received, Cindy was more than willing to see the effects that spanking me would have. Thus, after a leisurely afternoon bath on the weekend, We cuddled and became amorous. Cindy, however, decided that she should give me a spanking before making love.

Cindy popped out of bed, and retrieved our Goody wooden hairbrush. Cindy, smiling from ear to ear, decided that I should roll over on my stomach, with a pillow under my midsection to raise my bottom. Then she proceeded to delight herself (and me) by using the hairbrush effectively on my bottom. She used it more in a stinging way this time, than as a strong thud.

The wooden hair brush simply danced from place to place, and then stayed in one small area for a significant quick dance, before moving to a new spot to repeat the dance. My bottom stung, and Cindy remarked about a wonderful pink shade, before she decided that it was time to get back to making love. I had been erect before the spanking, but the erection had long since disappeared before the spanking was finished.

Cindy orally brought me back to life, which is a wonderful way to re-gain an erection.
Our love making was tremendous.

Spanking definitely is a sexual enhancement to have in any couples repertoire.

Cindy checked my bottom the day later, to see that no bruising developed. My bottom was fine, and Cindy announced that it might just be time to re-start stronger spankings, as their are many items that we can work on to make life even better for the both of us.

i have added in a photo that I find amazing. I have yet to meet a hairbrush that is ouchless! Have you?



play spanking Cindy

Cindy was in a very playful mood yesterday. She started to tease me, and playfully waggled her bottom at me while we were in the kitchen. Always being willing to play, I grabbed a wooden spoon, and gave her a few playful spanks.

This simply increased Cindy's playfulness, and my spanking her bottom. Cindy squirmed away from my grasp, and again waggled her bottom at me.

I caught her again, and gave her quite a number of good whacks with the spoon, her laughing throughout. We did a little wrestling, where I was able to somewhat lower her pants, and apply some more spanks, but she got away and ran into another room, waiting to be caught. There was only one exit from this room.

Again a number of significant spanks over her jeans, some of the spanks were much harder than normal, and yet Cindy laughed through all of them.

The end result was my having given Cindy about twenty spanks with the wooden spoon, which I can attest to making quite an impression on me when Cindy uses it. Cindy asked how red was her poor bottom, and I checked it out for her. Her booty was quite red in some places. The follow-up kisses to sooth her bottom, led to a very wonderful amorous love making event.It is interesting to note:
The mental part of a spanking is extremely meaningful. If this was a spanking for discipline in the Spencer plan, simply the fact that one must accept being spanked for having done something wrong, makes the spanking effective, and makes each spank carry far more impact on the emotions.

This was play, and therefore a reddened bottom simply excited both of us immensely.

May you all have fun with play spankings, not simply discipline ones. We do!

PS: The spanking gif is from the opening page visible to all reader's at veralsi's spanking and fetish showcase

Hope you enjoyed the penguin playfulness! I had to remove this, because it would not be visible. I tried to drag the item from a hotmail message, and although it appears on my screen, it does not exist if I shut down my computer then re-start.


Scarlett Hill spanking site

Another fun site to visit is ScarlettHill.com. It has everything for the man and woman, whether they are the spanker, or the spankee.

I have purchased some F/M spanking magazines from this site, and found them to be reasonably enjoyable extent. Their magazines are more of a newspaper feel in that it is entirely black and white.

By advertising their site, I am using a couple of their covers and drawings in this posting.

IF you go to the F/m section , you can read some of the content available if you scroll downwards past the other interesting material.Free

There are other sections for F/F and also M/F.

One cover I find quite amazing is the following...
The text that the woman is speaking is:

"Can I call you back in ten minutes Sheila. I've just put Bob over my knee for a good sound spanking."
Rather effective humbling of the male, even though fantasy..



F/M picture times

Just thought I should post a few pictures of home life, as many Spencer spanking households know it to be.
The first has the man a little unhappy, but the wife quite comfortable in her role.he may find the idea of spanking erotic, well, at least until the spanks start falling for real.
The wife is showing that she is enjoying her role! She is able to work out her frustration or anger, in a previously approved method.
To make certain she effectively gets her message across, a wooden hair brush spanks home the message.



This is my last post of things on Vintage scans, at least for a while. This magazine title has to be the most humorous one I have seen in a ong tme.

Can you imagine enlarging the magazine copy, and putting it on the wallin your houose.

Better yet, sending it to Aunt Kay of the DWC and asking her opinion. The answer would be run for the hills....

SMILE, and may all your spankings be playful.



A Russian spanking blog

My searches have found another fun blog

The author (Kin) of this site has numerous interesting photos, many from other sites but also ones that I have never seen.

Once again, if you use Google translator, and now choose Russian to English, you can copy and paste what KIN is writing.

The site has a number of fun videos, one of which is

Armand Van Helden - Hear My Name

Click on the name above , or copy and paste the following utube information into a new tab.


From the forty second point, the song has both men and women being spanked to the rhythm of the song.

The author (KIN) of the blog wrote: " Music video singer Armand Van Helden called Hear my name, contains a large number of F / M and F / F Spanking scenes."

I have left a message on his blog, but first used google translator to change the text to Russian. I hope that the tranlator works well, and does not say anything wrong.

Another feature Kin has is a number of his pictures that are throughout his blog, appearing in the side panel as a slideshow. I immediately checked it out, and will be implementing one on my blog. Thus, if you only drop by once a month, you can see a bit of a summary.

Hope you like the video, and I hope you find it interesting to see the international nature of spanking. Spanking is not just an American phenomena.

Here is the website




humor Wednesday

Leaving the world of spanking for a moment, I recently found these items that brought a smile to my face. Laughter is always something to strive for.

The first is supposedly a reacti0n from a old guy.
The next comes from the vintage scan site that I mentioned yesterday.Humor can be where ever you find it.Smile today, and pass it on.cheers


Vintage scans

If you are somewhat like me, you might like looking at the site Vintage scans. The scans on this site bring back memories of older times. This is from a Gent magazine from September 1964. You can now easily find short comedy skits on the internet of unclothed lady barbers, but back then, or in the 1970's, this was only a dream. I probably would have needed a haircut twice a day.The site has many scans of photos or pages from magazines that you might have seen hidden away in a closet, or found in a used book store.

The titles are simply amazing. How the bashful bride behaves, without having to be spanked might be more apt nowadays.
A gal and a girdle boogles the mind.
They catered to the raunchy side of life, or what was considered raunchy but permissible to print without being banned.
Outside of National Geographic and Photography magazines, I imagine in the fifties it was somewhat difficult to find pictures of naked women. (outside of Playboy that is)

Have a look, a much wider selection is on the site, but I am fascinated with the forerunner of twitter --- titter.
Some similarities do exist.



Firm Hand Spankings

If you like short video clips of women being spanked, you probably already know about this website.

The intriguing part of the site is that it has many clips that you can see, without having to join. The site feels, hopefully, I imagine, that if enticed enough, and often enough, you might join for a month or longer.

The thing I like about this site is that the spankings, although totally staged, are reasonable. By this, I mean, that they are not BDSM. The spanking can hurt, the bottoms are red, but in no way would you consider them to be cruel or over the top.

If you scan the site downwards, and get to the bottom (so to speak), you can enter your email address to have a weekly update of the site. I have joined, and the weekly updates help motivate the spanking desires that I have.


Although Cindy is rarely spanked, it is always a nice reminder of what might happen. For newer people to spanking, it gives some idea of how to spank, with different positions, implements, and stages of undress. The dialogue actually seem s plausible.

One short video is included, that I copied from the site. I hope it is permissible, as I am giving publicity to the site.
This one shows a very effective use of a wooden spoon in the kitchen. It could simply be a little fun for Ron without calling it discipline for Hermione. Cindy does like doing this at times, for both of our pleasure



Across the ocean

I have limited idea of other languages except English, so what this blog is saying is relatively unknown.

The pictures do involve spankings, or thoughts of spankings.

Also, if the text looks interesting, you can simply use Google translation to find out what is being stated.

To use Google Translate click here. I did have Google translation simply translate the
entire blog, but I am uncertain how it started, and have not been able to repeat it.

I will try again in a few days, and wil let everyone know when I am successful.

What i find interesting is that I can now start to check out European sites, and see what their spanking views are.

Here is an example:

Au fils des Jours Au gre du temps

I found them a little time ago, using stat counter, and they seem to have found me also from my commenting on their site. Having a blogger account does have benefits I am just starting to find out about. This differs from when I simply posted occasionally a comment, but always using anonymous.

Thus, we seem to be sharing photos.

They have many blogs or spanking related sites which can lead you to many other places... the beauty of the spanking universe is how much spankos have in common.

Here is an example from

French to English translation
Image seemingly innocuous where everything happens in the eyes of the girl.

Very eloquent, I think ... She seems worried that young lady in the heart beating and one wonders a little what she sees, offscreen. It started as a little girl caught in the act of stealing a jar of jam or a few coins in the purse-feeding.

Thief, liar or arrogant, it is likely to be punished as such. For a good spanking.

There is no caption below but I think it is part of a libertine novel, one of the writings of "flogging" of the early twentieth century.

I love the facial expression ...

The owner of the blog is Stan



American Spanking Society

This is just a little plug for the very well known American Spanking Society (A.S.S.), run by Todd and Suzy. They also have the blog aboutspankings.

This site is well worth a visit, on a frequent basis. If you visit their January 14th, 2010 discussion about corner time, you might like to include it in your play or real spankings.

Many things to like about this blog, besides the interesting photos. The blog has many readers, and by using round table talks, has built a group of friends who discuss how spanking works in their lifestyle. This is similar to Bonnie's Sunday brunch. I wonder who started it first.

Reading about other people's experiments and practice is the best way of enhancing your spanking fantasies and reality.

Personally, I have little interest in reading fiction stories of spanking, when their is so much real material out there on blogs. Of course, some of what people write may be portrayed as real, while really being fiction. The famous Patty type events in blogging.


One last idea! Simply see what is current on this site,,, and then use one of the multitude of links to other spanking sites, both pay and free.



poor choice of words

We are both very exhausted, but things are slowing down, fortunately.

The unfortunate result of exhaustion is I used a few choice words while very sleepy.

Cindy sad nothing, but later that morning, she ordered me to get the cane. I had no idea of why she wanted this, honestly.

Due to company being with us, we went into our bathroom with music on and the door closed.

Bare bottomed, bending over a little at the waist, the cane made probably 10 to 12 visits to my bottom. Cindy informed me while using the cane of why I was being punished.

Only then did I realize what I had said while partly asleep. When finished, The marks of bright red were prominently displayed, and we go t on with our day and our company.

The marks remained for a number of hours before fading.

This is the best way we know to alleviate misbehavior, and I will be very certain not to repeat this offense, for as long as possible.



the bad economy

I am uncertain whether it is because of a high unemployment that this young woman can not afford a complete pair of shorts, or is it that she just wants to be spanked.

However, this photo is not currently from Florida, where we have had so much cold weather recently.