one spanking for me

It is about time to give a little update on our spankings.

I have a habit of procrastinating, and at times, Cindy gets fed-up with it. Two days ago, Cindy decided to deal with one situation.

All of our spankings (either Cindy's or mine) are on the bared bottom. Bare bottom allows a little extra time in preparation, and thus the entire spanking takes longer. It definitely increase the feeling of being helpless, and aides the person in being more submissive for the spanking.

This idea permits many variations, as the reason for the spanking can be stated while you are waiting to be disrobed, or after being bared but before being placed over the knee, etc. We think that the more variations we use, then the spankee has less knowledge of "what's next", and thus the impending spanking is more effective.

This time, Cindy called out to me that she needed something, and when I went to find out, she requested that I go and get the wooden hairbrush. She stated she would tell me why when I returned. The reason is unnecessary to explain here, but was explained to me in a few words. Then I was instructed to bare my bottom, and bend over her knee.

The hairbrush very effectively captured my attention, and I felt it every time I sat down that day.

We have yet to have time to solve this specific problem, due to Christmas shopping, but I know that we will get it done soon, or a trip over the knee or over the couch will be accompanied by a bath brush. We always move up either in intensity of the spanking, or spanking with a more severe implement.

The above photo shows the small hairbrush,which is extremely effective. Cindy is able to spank with force, as it is easy to control exactly where she wants, and even places with little padding.

A question to the readers:
Would you like to write about the last time you were spanked? Please add as a comment, or send privately to xxxred17@yahoo.com



sixofthebest said...

I would love to spank the six garter-straped, and stockinged lady on her bare bottom. 'six of the best strokes of the cane, on her voluptous bare bottom, would be perfect.

Red said...

sizofthebest: pleasant dreams
bottoms up

Unknown said...

I feel like being asked to stand still with hands behind back or over the head while the underwear is taken down to be far more embarrassing than to just take it off yourself.

Having no experience of either, this is all but imagination

Red said...

unknown: Hope you get to experience a real spanking sometime
bottoms up