Our spanking relationship?

Most blogs have women being spanked, so this blog will also have men being spanked.Stories from readers (if they will write them to me), photos and drawings (they are just fun and sensually exciting), and some tidbits about us.

I have been a lurker for many years, and will now start talking a little about our lifestyle.

The advent of the internet, and so many spanking blogs and groups, was the inspiration for me to be able to talk to Cindy about my spanking desires. Without gaining confidence by reading blogs, I might still be hiding some of my desires.

Cindy and I are in our fifties, and have been married for over 25 years.

I have had a lifelong fascination with spanking.

I would have liked, originally, that I could spank Cindy whenever we agreed that it would be either fun or useful to solve a problem. Cindy had no inclination for spanking whatsoever, but was willing to try.

After her first spanking, we let the topic drop for a significant amount of time. It wasn't enjoyable for her! Thus, the name of the blog is CONSENSUAL SPANKING!
If it doesn't work for both of you then it is either domination, or abuse!

When I next broached the subject, it was Cindy's turn to say that she was willing to try spanking me, but she did not want to be spanked. I was in a very stressed moment at that time, and thought being spanked might help. Well, all it got wa a little bit of a sore bottom, but it did relieve some stress because I was able to focus a little on spanking, and talk about my fetish, as opposed to only thinking about the other stressful situation.

What eventually evolved was that to have a spanking relationship for fun and pleasure, it was I who would be spanked! Cindy is now occasionally spanked also, as she has seen the drastic improvement in our life! We communicate better, spanking has increased our sex drives, and made us more romantic than ever.

We have experimented with the Disciplinary Wives Club concept. See link on side of panel.
Cindy is at times very willing to spank me, but goes through phases where spanking is minimal. Currently, we are in a more play mode of spanking, with no discipline type spankings having occurred for a number of months! We follow the Dorothy Spencer Spanking Plan, and I will provide a link to it in the little while. The blog I copied an earlier posting referred to the DWC site,and although we have looked at it, we do not follow it.

Cindy has played, where I spank her, but the spanks are only by hand (*feels great to me), and limited to about ten. I love every moment of it, and Cindy is becoming more congenial to being spanked as the months go by..Cindy is very happy giving me little pats on the bottom when we are out, indicating either a playfulness for later, or a slight warning to change my ways. Both are successful in keeping us happy, and eliminating little tiffs from developing.

To be honest, I am spanked maybe thirty times for every one time I give Cindy a play spanking. Such is life, and I have grown into loving the lifestyle that we lead.

I have read some blogs where the man is spanked, and may start commenting on them soon also. However, a few lead into complete one-sided domination.I am not saying they are wrong, but simply stating that this is NOT our lifestyle!

We simply spank our troubles away, and at the same time greatly increase our sex life. A win win situation.

I will write about us more as the posts continue...



gifs 3


Thought this small gif meets every male fantasy, if they enjoy the woman being the spanker.
PS: more readers are looking at this site: Welcome aboard... but only one person has commented.. maybe you might be the second commenter...


gifs day two - Versali

Time to advertise another spanking site of artwork that you probably already know. However, this gives me an easy posting, while enjoying looking at the artwork.Versali spanking showcase
the women spankers definitely are effective. Visit the site and click on the pictures that are free, to have a better idea of the contents.


expressive GIF spankings

Bad Boy (Click)
So many sites now exist with spanking, that the phenomena is definitely not going to disappear.
Another Spanking

The internet has been a wonderful aide for those like myself who have the spanking kink. We do NOT feel alone. We can meet anonymously on the internet, and share our thoughts and our experiences.

Hopefully, whoever visits this site will leave a comment, and relate a bit of their lifestyle. I had been a lurker for years, and now have de-lurked.


purposeful play yesterday

A little update.

I have various preferences, some related to food. Certain foods I dislike, whereas, others I love.

Two nights ago I cooked lobster, and the meal with wine was wonderful. Yesterday, we were planning to go to a friend's house for a spaghetti and meatball dinner. [Not my favorite] Cindy decided that I sometimes do not have an enthusiastic response to the food served. Cindy sat on the couch, and requested I bare my bottom and bend over her knee.

Our relationship is such that the person to be spanked cannot decline such an offer. Thus, it was a short bare bottom spanking as Cindy stated what the menu was going to be, and how I was going to re-act. I readily accepted the menu, as the spanks descended. Fortunately, it was only with the bare hand.

The spanking headed off a potential problem, but at the same time excited both of us. Cindy made some remark, after I had stood up being released from the spanking position, that was inappropriate. Thus, Cindy was bare bottom, bent over the couch for a couple of play spanks, and then one hard one. Cindy owed so loudly that I stopped, she smiled, and I gave her one extra hard spank before stopping.

Spanking does rev our sexual engines, and solve problems at the same time.


the wrong result when giving a spanking

Does the word OUCH come to mind....



marriage counseling

Cartoons have always been a way to bring humor to the idea of spanking, and allow persons to enjoy the concept, without alerting others to their fascination with spanking.

The First cartoon seems to be a way for a woman to innocently try to entice her husband to spank her. The pleasure is evident, and many spanko woman such as Hermione would love the idea.Of course, there are men who also enjoy being spanked, so a drawing for them is also appropriate. However, just like the fantasy of smiling while being spanked, this one has the man being spanked by a voluptuous woman.

The idea of the hairbrush adds greater strength to the spanking.lastly, the idea of spanking being a reasonable method to solving a problem of behavior has always been with us in cartoons.cheers


whatever thanksgiving idea you prefer

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans.

Might the following be one of the ideas that the natives taught the newcomers to America, or did the newcomers teach this to the natives. Instead of just saving his life, Pocahontas should also have blistered his bottom whenever it was necessary.Happy Thanksgiving! May the turkey and your bottom be heated to perfection.