Taking a holiday

Thought I would wait and see if anyone finds this blog... before I start leaving comments throughout all the other blogs.
One great site to visit to find out about other groups is as follows

one great group for pictures of a dominant female is



The following has been copied from a site: but due to the site now dealing with male chastity restraint items, I have removed the link.

You can agree or disagree with what is written on this blog, but some of it is interesting to read, and thought provoking.

"There seem to be two camps of opinion when it comes to discipline in female dominant relationships.

The first is that as disciplining the husband can never (or almost never) be forced on him. When the husband is spanked, he allows himself to be spanked. Therefore discipline should be seen as a form of "treat" for the husband, not a punishment. The submissive husband WANTS to be over the knee of his wif e. This is the view taken by Miss Rika in the book Uniquely Rita Rika.

The second is that disciplining the husband keeps him under the control of the Wife. The Wife disciplines him to reduce undesirable behaviour, as defined by the Wife. This is the view taken by the Disciplinary Wives Club.

To be fair, both viewpoints are correct if they work for you. If discipline is too much of a turn-on, of course, there is a danger for husbands to "play up" in order to earn a spanking. This, I feel, is where the DWC view falls down. Having said that, the DWC uses the idea of both Discipline spankings and Punishment spankings, where the latter are far more severe and are intended to be very unerotic. Most men would have to be very masochistic to enjoy these!Either way, spankings will inevitably put your husband in his place and increase his submissiveness. And best of all, he will absolutely adore you for doing it! Please check out the discipline links and see how spanking and other discipline techniques can improve your marriage.
As stated above, this is being presented form another website, and I might comment later. It is well written, but is not necessarily my views!

Keep spanking.


The Threat or is it the Promise

This yahoo group is a little hard to find, but Mooska has some great captions! I remember it being mentioned on some group about pictures and captions.

The image of strong women giving a spanking is very erotic to many men and to many women.The woman is now ready.
And she has decided to use a number of different implements
Happily building a real buring backside.
enjoy the different pictures.


posing for the camera

The multitude of spanking sites permits people to realize the extent that the spanking fetish exists in our society.

These sites cannot exist without paying members, and the anonymity of the web permits people to have the fortitude to join.They do give up there anonymity, in that a credit card must be used, but the sites keep this information extremely private.The spanking sites have videos of different levels of real spankings, even though both actors are normally paid for their services.

Some have the actor writhing in pain, with no red showing on their bottoms. Some sites show extreme pain, with accompanying bruises and welts or much more than that.Many of the still photos are simply posed, but allow the reader to imagine themself as one of the participants.

Thus, today's offering are a few of such pictures.Personally, I find myself more often than not in the first three pictures, but would definitely prefer to be the photographer for the last photo.


F/F (pictures of friends having fun with spanking)

In keeping with the philosophy that spankings can be fun, many, many twenty some people enjoy taking spanking pictures, and posing for them also.I do not know where these photos came from, so would appreciate if any reader would let me know of sites showing these photos.Cheers


M/F spanking wedding

In keeping with the philosophy of what is good for the goose is good for the gander, here is a tribute to the newlywed woman being spanked.It is wonderful to see artists having fun with spanking situations! I must admit a preference to looking at woman's bottoms instead of men's.I think given the circumstances of these spankings, some of my readers might enjoy imagining that this was their wedding, or maybe they prefer yesterday's offering.

You could even role play, if both partners still fit into there wedding garb.
Certainly would have been nice if Mr. Big would have spanked Carrie after the wedding in Sex and the City. However, if Amanda got married, we would more likely see the scene below.
Play safely


The F/M wedding night

These little cake toppings, and other drawings can be fun to look at and imagine, if you are so inclined.

As I have absolutely no visitors at the moment, I can have fun with these.

Misbehaving at the ceremony...
Gets an immediate reward
with the promise that htis is the way it is going to be...
enjoy the future..


Photo spanking

Well, I will describe more about myself, but that will come later.

For now, I will start to set some rules for my blog. With spankings being somewhat consensual, I will never show bottoms that have been beaten beyond a reasonable amount. Blood will never be shown. Beyond that, I will make up my rules as I proceed.

If I would not want to spank a woman that hard, then a picture showing that hard will not be shown.

Humor will always be welcome.

The following comes form Real spankings, but I only show reasonable photos.

I thought I would concentrate on a woman being spanked today.

Yes, I know I am about to be spanked!
I am so sorry that this is necessary!
I won't try to protect my bottom again I promise!
Yes, I learned my lesson
Yes, you may take pictures for me to remember, but I won't quickly forget.
Photos quite some time ago from real spankings



The first post

Well, having lurked on spanking websites for what seems like forever, I thought I would like to try my hand (so to speak), at writing my own blog.

What will the blog contain:


M/F, F/F F/M,
All will be consensual!!!!!

I will try jokes, drawings, pictures, warnings, spankings....

May we all have fun...

Links will be given as I find sites worth linking to.