Happy New Year

Permit me to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and prosperous new year to everyone.

May you always be on your toes to avoid discipline spankings, but if and when they are necessary may they not be too severe.
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http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Adult-Women-Spanked/Whatever your choice, may you have the determination to join and participate on some group....

My choice is to be a member of both groups...

Thanks to Hermione, Bonnie, Meow, Mathilde, Tony and all other readers who have posted a comment... Comments are APPRECIATED, but I have fun creating these little posts, and searching for photos and drawings... Do tell me of your favorite sites...

There are always woman or men out there willing to be spanked. Good luck in finding that special someone, if you do not already have that special person in your life.This one is great to end the year.
May all your spankings involve "HAPPY ENDINGS"



one more time

Cindy decided once again tha ta reminder about my behaviour would be a good idea before company arrived. ( We do have some relatives living with us at the moment also.

In our arrangement, I do not have a choice about accepting a spanking, if Cindy deicded one is necessary. Cindy does have a choice if I think she would benefit from a spanking, and many times declines the invitation.

The result was a trip to the bathroom, with the music turned up in our adjacent bedroom as we discussed the day to come, ,to the tune of the cane making contact to my bare bottom. Cindy used this harder than last time, and was quite pleased with the red lines that appeared across my bottom.

After about ten strokes, she talked a little more, and then practiced for another six to make lines between the lines that were already on my bottom. Cindy does not wield the cane strongly, but is enjoying the red lines that praise her handiwork, just likes she loves to see a nice rosy red bottom when spanking me.

The day went exceptionally well, and no further spanking has been necessary, either as discipline or play.

Have any of you been spanked lately?
Have any of you spanked anyone lately?
do tell



Christmas Day

Well, IT has been a wonderful day, and things have quieted down such that I have private time on the computer.

The extra thing that happened today, besides presents and family, and Cindy cooking a fabulous turkey dinner, was that Cindy called me into the bedroom early in the afternoon.

It was a little lecture that I should agree with how she was making the meal, and anything else that might come up during the day. It was punctuated, with the cane applied to my bare bottom in our bathroom, which is adjacent to the bedroom. We put music on while in the bedroom, to cover any noise that might be heard.

Cindy does not cane hard, but even small swats can create a reddened bottom, and quite a burn. All in all, it was probably ten wrist swings with the cane.

Someday she will probably use her whole arm to swing with speed and follow through, and I will truly rue that day.

However, I try to make absolutely certain to follow her wishes, so that the day of reckoning with the cane will remain in the future.

Isn't that the point of a disciplinary spanking, as opposed to a play spanking. The purpose is to change behaviour, and it is effectively happening within our marriage.

PS: two drawings are from a site that has WALDO's drawings. I have placed a link on the side panel.. go visit :-)


A few days ago

In keeping up with relating any and all spankings, it was my turn again to be spanked. You may have guessed that Cindy gives far more spankings, than she receives. She believes in the saying it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Our situation is the Spencer Plan! I will write about it and give links at a later date.

I was the one with the spanking fetish! When reading other blogs, many many women have the exact same desires.

We negotiated, after reading about the Spencer Plan, our own version of the plan. Cindy would be spanked occasionally, but I would be spanked far more often. It's your desires, so you get the spankings.

Well, this was bare bottom (the only way), over the knee, while Cindy was sitting on the bed with her legs extended. Cindy used a wooden hairbrush!The reason for the spanking was that the coming Christmas season would have us seeing lots of family, and having people staying with us at our house. Thus, it was a little warning to live by, but also a reminder that if necessary, the cane was available for immediate quiet use if needed.

We have experimented with the cane, and Cindy is becoming quite proficient. IT only takes a minute or two for us to retire to another part of the house, put on some music, and Cindy to move to the beat so to speak. I more gyrate to the beat.

If you have a private place of the house far from where friends might be having a drink, or watching a football game, then beware that this might be your fate also.Unlike the spanking mentioned above, which was followed by fantastic sex, any canings of these nature are solely disciplinary.

The first was effective, and we have been handling the stresses extremely well. I will do my very best to avoid any need for the cane, but quiet play spankings are always fun.



Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone

The above drawing was sent from a friend. Thanks



T'WAS the night before Christmas

For every Santa
There is a Mrs. SantaAnd thus, what is consensually good for the goose
is definitely good for the gander
so may you have a Very Happy and Merry Christmas/ holiday season
no matter whether you are warming your partner's bottom, or having yours warmed by your partner
and throughout the house may the spanks reign down on bare bottoms!


Season's Beatings

Thought I would try a little play on words, from a package of matches I bought probably 30 years ago.I was going to scan the package of matches, when I found that I already had the picture saved from some website.

Just proves that an interesting spanking photo never goes out of style.

Next question: What do you do with some naughty elves? I imagine Santa just has to have them bend over for a spanking! Someone must have been extremely interested in being spanked, because the four elves above called their friend to join them for the spanking.
The only problem for Santa will be when Mrs. Claus finds out the games he has been playing. Thus every stand in Santa will have to have his bottom spanked a crimson red. Fortunate that the suit shows the color that Mrs. Claus is trying to create.
Hope everyone has a red bottom for Christmas!


Daring your loved one

Two great graphics: A friend sent these to me in an email.

I have simply dragged them onto this post for your amusement...

Shall I say that the above might be Hermione, Meow, and Bonnie daring their partner to spank them...

They may have sent it in an email to their partner

The desired result by this spanked trio are the red bottoms you see displayed! Wait for it, as the ladies pull down their yellow panties

If anyone knows how to place these images in the column to the right, do let me know....


Do women enjoy being spanked?

Do women enjoy being spanked? This woman certainly seems to be absolutely thrilled!

I wonder how many takes it took to get this scene done correctly.

I wonder how many readers would love to have been in her place, when they and Elvis were the age shown in the picture?

When some of us were teenagers, this probably helped us imagine that girls liked to be spanked! Teenage girls who were in "LOVE" with Elvis certainly would have jumped at the chance to have him spank them.

Nowadays, I am certain teenage and many women of all age would definitely allow Johnny Depp to spank them!

Equally well, many would like to give Tiger Woods a spanking he would never forget!.

I can also imagine that the fictional Betty would definitely enjoy the fictional Archie spanking her.


A friendly welcome

I thought I would post a picture of a entrance to a friend's house. This person lives in Southern Europe, and has extended a warm welcome to uswhenever we visit.In case you are unfamiliar with these, they are carpet beaters. As only true spankos are visiting this blog, you will know that they are equally useful on a man's or a woman's bottom. In our household, we only have one of these, and it is kept for Cindy to use!

They are used in the same manner, and strength, as when you would be beating a rug. The carpet beater is very effective!!!!!!

I hope that when we next visit, the wife is not wearing the following teeshirt.Then again, maybe it would not be such a bad idea :-) if Cindy agrees.



more spankings (two)

For spankee's enlightenment and titillation, and spanker's satisfaction, Cindy is spanking me frequently. She is using her hand and an implement in each spanking. She has learned to use her hand very effectively, and spanks areas that she does not normally spank with an implement. (The top of my bottom). Cindy states that this area has no padding when I am over her knee. Realistically, wood on bone is an extremely bad idea.

One spanking was over her knee in the front room, which is near the front door. Cindy used a wooden hair brush. If I remember correctly she requested I go retrieve the implement and bring it to her while she waited. She uses this extremely effectively, and spanks hard with it. My bottom is totally red when she is done! Many times she requests I look at it in a mirror, just to show that not any portion of my bottom has been missed.

I wonder that if someone came to the door, would they hear me being spanked. Normally I am not the type that verbalizes loudly with owwws, but the spanks sound very loud to me. Cindy does not seem to worry that someone at the door might hear. I imagine if the doorbell rang, she would simply have me get off her knee and wait by the chair, whileshe would go and answer the door. If the person outside could hear, they would surmise, if they heard the spanking, that she was the spanker. Seems like a good place to place this Waldo drawing. The person would not see the spanking, but if I was making noise, two plus two always makes four.The last of three spankings in as many days was today and it was bare bottomed with me laying on the bed with a pillow under my mid-section raising my bottom somewhat. This was the strongest of all three, and had my feet dancing to the tune of the bath brush.

I am much more relaxed now, after having three spankings in three days. I must admit that I get somewhat unhappy or grumpy if not spanked regularly! Three spankings in three days is more than enough to have me being a very happy. cheerful camper, without a grump anywhere to be found about anything.As I am going away for a week on Friday, I imagine that another spanking might be in my future before leaving. This blog will not have any new posting for one week after Thursday's post.

Cindy is still getting quite stressed at times, so having my bottom to spank helps her relieve some of her stress! Any problems are talked about, and then spanked away. Hopefully, also, Cindy will feel in the mood to be spanked sometime soon!



Poll on the side of the Blog

I thought I would add a poll to this blog, to learn a little about those reading this blog. I will leave the poll open for two months, if blogger permits me to do this.
Many people are seeing this blog at least once, thanks to Bonnie having posted it in her wonderful list of new spanking blogs.Also, hopefully the name is not too difficult for some people to spell, as I even leave off the the second s sometimes! Think of it as SENSUAL, and then put CON in front. However, spanking can very well be sensual, as most of Cindy's spankings are play prior to making love.

Go vote! Enjoy life! Have Fun!!!!!!



one spanking for me

It is about time to give a little update on our spankings.

I have a habit of procrastinating, and at times, Cindy gets fed-up with it. Two days ago, Cindy decided to deal with one situation.

All of our spankings (either Cindy's or mine) are on the bared bottom. Bare bottom allows a little extra time in preparation, and thus the entire spanking takes longer. It definitely increase the feeling of being helpless, and aides the person in being more submissive for the spanking.

This idea permits many variations, as the reason for the spanking can be stated while you are waiting to be disrobed, or after being bared but before being placed over the knee, etc. We think that the more variations we use, then the spankee has less knowledge of "what's next", and thus the impending spanking is more effective.

This time, Cindy called out to me that she needed something, and when I went to find out, she requested that I go and get the wooden hairbrush. She stated she would tell me why when I returned. The reason is unnecessary to explain here, but was explained to me in a few words. Then I was instructed to bare my bottom, and bend over her knee.

The hairbrush very effectively captured my attention, and I felt it every time I sat down that day.

We have yet to have time to solve this specific problem, due to Christmas shopping, but I know that we will get it done soon, or a trip over the knee or over the couch will be accompanied by a bath brush. We always move up either in intensity of the spanking, or spanking with a more severe implement.

The above photo shows the small hairbrush,which is extremely effective. Cindy is able to spank with force, as it is easy to control exactly where she wants, and even places with little padding.

A question to the readers:
Would you like to write about the last time you were spanked? Please add as a comment, or send privately to xxxred17@yahoo.com



Finding Spanking Blogs

If you want to check out more spanking blogs, the list seems endless. I will enjoy writing a little about each blog I list in the future, but at the moment I am having too much fun exploring to add too many.

Click on this link and the list of blogs is astounding.... (This blog is listed there!)

Spanking blogs

or copy and paste the following:


The list is so long! It will take longer to look at that list than it would take to spank all of these willing women!

Imagine the fun they had discussing and then posing for someone to photograph the view.

Happy Spankings


Cindy doesn't like her name

Today, I became brave and told Cindy about the blog I have created.

She had no trouble with the blog, as long as our personal identities are hidden. She did have a problem that I didn't discuss so personal a nature as a spanking blog, with her, prior to starting the blog!

My idea with a blog:I thought that our playful and occasional real spankings might be enhanced and become more frequent if I started writing a blog.

If not, at least researching for humor, spanking photos, and ideas to write about would be fun. I like looking at women, so this blog will have some eye candy! Some will be in a dominant mode, and some in a playful mode. Some photos will be on women being spanked, and equally stimulating idea.

It had been more than a month since I have been spanked, and we have probably only done a few play spanks at any given time since mid September.

The result of not consulting Cindy first was the traditional over the knee bare bottom spanking with a wooden hairbrush.

The spanking was not too hard, as Cindy was annoyed, not mad! Cindy is capable of giving a spanking that suits the crime.

Unfortunately, she is unhappy with her name. Thus, could you help me out and suggest a name for my wife?

We are still feeling our way in this lifestyle, and all advice is welcome.

The amount of readership has greatly increased since Bonnie mentioned my blog, but I imagine that may be a once only spike.

Happy Spankings


Humor Fridays



So may your experiences be like the above photo, enjoying spanking, and not the misfortune of the following cartoon..

Adding a little risque cartoon, will also be a feature of this blog.


I should really save this for spring, but as the snow falls, thoughts of spring are always around. The first SWALLOW of summer. Hope you can understand it! Double meanings are good.

Hope you are having a HAPPY Day. The ! The next drawing definitely displays the Mars Venus conundrum.The drawings are from Lewdart.com Click on the link and go visit if you smiled a little.