Good Boy Spanking

As like many couples, we have spurts of many spankings, then droughts in between. We have been in a drought, and I have had to request being spanked.  

We are phrasing them good boy spankings!

Due to lock down where we live, we are doing even less than ever before. however, we are saddened by seeing so many people not following the rules.

We go for a walk twice a day, weather permitting! I help with making lunch, and dinner, as it gives something to do, and we enjoy each others company. Work would be a wonderful release, but we are both retired.

I have also, today, put the wooden bath brush on the bathroom counter on Cindy's side, and the teacher's crooked handle cane on the towel rack, as a reminder to spank more often. 

Cindy spanked me today, and it was quite effective. 

Bare bottomed over the knee, for a long hard session with the bath brush, including some on the back of the legs. Slow, leisurely, and hard. 

We then moved to the bed, where the pillows were stacked high by me, and many strokes with the cane, including the top of the back of the legs.

A little wetness in my eyes, and a lot of leg dancing while being spanked.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and we hugged and cuddled. Love making maybe later tonight, or tomorrow.  

We chatted over dinner, and I thanked Cindy again, and said how much I need this frequently to help get through winter, and avoid the winter blues.

We will embark, hopefully, on a pattern of good boy spankings for a while, with bad boy spankings always possible.

When looking in the mirror, the top half off my bottom is white, as Cindy says when bent over her knee, there is simply no fat there to spank. This area is rarely spanked. I suggested that next time, while over pillows, she should use the tawse there. Leather will not damage bone, whereas wood will. i am certain to be regretting suggesting this sometime in the future.

Do you get or give good person spankings?

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EndArt memories

A excellent site, when it was in existence. It touched every idea one might have about spanking! 

Here are just a few!

 It gave a person ideas of how to ask for a spanking

 and unique ideas

fun ideas for the uninitiated

and ways to enhance the experience

and both sides of the idea

Loved how it showed our mixed emotions, and erection at the thought of being spanked, and the fear of the spanking making us reticent

keep smiling

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A hair brush is always a handy idea

If your hand gets too sore from spanking your partner, ask your doctor for advice!

you will be happy to know (LurkingCol's Spanking Captions (tumblr.com)


that the solution is easily available

Hery hair looks perfect, so their can be only one reason you are been given the look
in addition, it is perfect before the party
 to ensure his excellent behavior
but heaven help that man who was spanked before the party, and still misbehaved
and best is not only one when you get home, but one before you change for bedtime
So ladies, remember, it fits easily in a purse for when you travel

and it can sit on any surface in your house without arousing suspicions.

However, if you really want people to know, just leave this two sided wooden paddle in the open

We have stopped hand spanking, as Cindy once sprained a finger. 

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Some of the members of the USA national hockey squad

anyone?  This team will certainly spank you at hockey!
see the video  of the why this was done here
For The US Women’s Hockey Team Posing Naked For ESPN Was Easy Compared To Previous Challenges – BroBible

goons for hire, 50 cents

This is a few days late, but the thought applies



Simple fact about a REAL spanking

In reality, their is only one way to give a discipline spanking!

Most  people have seen this video before! Notice that his bottom is already red from being spanked, as this video starts I count 83 spanks in the short amount of time, and she is not finished.

Cindy has spanked like this, but runs out of steam long before this woman.

However, how this woman spanks, leisurely, would also be very effective

I have never been spanked like this!

Have You?

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The look on the woman's face is PRICELESS.  I know it is acting, for a spanking website, and can just imagine how the guy got an erection in that setting of cameras, etc. Then again, I have gotten an erection when about to be spanked by someone other than Cindy, to my embarrassment.

When Cindy is about to spank for cause, this erection annoys her, and almost always results in a harder and/or longer spanking. 
Fortunately, this does NOT ever happen

but this might

and the result

PS: I am totally EXAGGERATING!

Spanking as part of foreplay,  has Cindy stating that it is a shame this is going to disappear,

but I assure her it will rise to the occasion afterwards.

Sadly, with age, my erection does not always arise before a spanking. (Fortunately, it still rises to the occasion!

How does your partner react when she sees your erection when you are about to be spanked?

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We all should have done this on New Year's Eve

think about it



A very HANDY solution to most problems

For many couples, the solution to any problem is always at hand.

Simply have him bare his bottom
find somewhere to sit
and start spanking his bare bottom
No fuss
no need to go to a different room
With a strong enough hand, you can truly redden his bottom

for even better results, use a stool like this and have him dangling, helpless

However, the modern wife during lockdown and quarantining will also have a spanking implement out and available in every room of the house, to use after her hand.

however, this method also works for when your wife needs to be spanked.

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