Anyone know where to buy this Brush!

 This shaped like a hair brush, but made out of something that looks extremely sturdy, would certainly be effective.

and possibly your wife needs to use it this way once, to make you not be so eager to be spanked

I have never been spanked to tears!

Have You?

but we do have a wooden bath brush

and Cindy certainly knows how to use it effectively

bottoms up



entertainment about snow

 now that the snow in Texas has disappeared, and it is bbq time, i thought more people might enjoy these memes

For all those having an  unexpected visitor from the North

Driving tips  

Here are some tips on how to amuse yourself

build a snow beauty

Instead of building castles on the beach

and my personal favorite


Go frosty!

Maybe a chocolate ice cream for the lady?

Hope one of these made you smile




A favorite

and as the southerners are saying


Sadly, our hopes are never realized

bottoms up



Women flashing fun

 Tumblr certainly has not clamped down on adult sites. They have moved many to behind a curtain, but that is all!

office party of our dreams
which means you have to scroll downwards to see each photo  

but some sites are totally normal with spanking and everything under the sun sexuality unhidden.


Guess you just have to start a new tumblr: www.bare4you2see.tumblr.com

and until someone flags it, :www.naked-freedom.tumblr.com


it flies under the radar

bottoms up


Maintenance day is on Saturday. Researching so many sites  with pictures of naked women will get you spanked every time I see a post of this nature!
Remember to keep smiling
Here are some good reasons to smile

let us be politically correct, and keep smiling




Another reason why men are spanked

Take the time to read this:

Here is proof positive (this guy forgot to check)

as she says, this might help cure your wandering eyes!


bottoms up time

remember to smile every day