Happy Women means Happy Men

The question?

When involved with spanking your partner:

Which position do you prefer for your wife to be in?

Happy and Ready to be spanked?

Happy and Ready to spank you?

bottoms up

Fun Facts;
    Having a cold drink on hot day with a few friends is nice, but having a hot friend on a cold night after a few drinks - PRICELESS.



Free spanking videos

The internet is so very, very full of free spanking materials, that one can be overwhelmed.

Here is one example, where the maid gets to give the spanking

or a woman spanking a man

or a strong use of the belt

but really, just go to

and type spanking in the search box, and see thousands upon thousands of videos FOR FREE.

if you are on bdsmlr….

then you might visit

enjoy wandering

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Sweet or Nasty

The first gif is definitely SWEET.

After asking you to spank her, 

she prepares, waits, and then asks again

But if she asked for a NASTY spanking

I would never do this

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Staying fit and weight loss

A little humor mixed with spanking...

 As we get older, it gets more difficult to keep the weight off of our bodies
Are you a jogger?
 seems reasonable to me
and really, cutting out wine at dinner should lose sp,e weight, but in my case

So we are once again using spanking to get the weight down, and one can think of it as one of two ways.
It can be a reward if your weight is moving downwards, but not yet reached it's goal,

or a punishment for not reaching your goal, but going in the right direction.

However, if no movement occurs, then maybe spanking should be eliminated for a while, and that would be a REAL PUNISHMENT.

Has spanking ever helped you to lose weight?

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spankings while on vacation

We were cruising for quite some time, so spankings were quite common while at sea or in port. One does one's best to not offend other people, so we put the music up loud, to try to minimize the noise.

However, one is aware that anyone waking past the door will hear what is happening.

Cindy decided that each spank should be significant, and she certainly followed through with that idea.

The above photo shows exactly how each spank was given, with a long wooden bath brush, and a long swing of the implement at my bottom.

Suffice to say, my bottom was very red, and had a gray spot in the middle of the red on each cheek when she was finished.

I was actually facing a mirror, so I could see the approaching spank!

We were both eating too much, and a weigh in while in port had a ten or so spanks before dinner. I was definitely sitting gingerly at dinner. No bread please.  Thank you.

At least twice I saw a couple look at us when we left our room, and they were walkng in the hallway.

Too bad they were not spanksters like us, and a delightful conversation could have developed.

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truth in advertising



Beautiful women sitting on chairs

A smile for today day

Your wife very pleasantly asks  you to join her in the living room!

With a seductive happy smile on her face, she enjoys your reaction wondering what is about to happen
The smile turns into a bit of a smirk, as you realize you might be spanked!
The look now tells you for certain your fate is to be spanked
You meekly retrieve the hair brush and give it to her
She lets you see the implement while you lower your pants and underwear
and then she shows you that she has a gorgeous strap for your bottom also
 Might this be the conversation
Enjoy life

bottoms up



National Orgasm Day

OOPS! The title was meant to be Happy Valentines Day, but these damn auto correct programs can be fun!

Always remember 

Happy Wife

Happy Life

Many men enjoy most aspects of a spanking,

as do many  women

except the men may not enjoy the actual spanking itself

some enjoy it afterwards also

Whatever you do today, enjoy fun times with your partner!
IF you are both physically capable, Happy Orgasm Day!

bottoms up