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Revenge? Anger? Controlling Behavior?

Just a quick post to say, although I may be closing this blog soonish, at least one person is trying to alter the content that I post.

Five individual messages from Blogger sent yesterday to me have stated that a specific post has been reported to them, and it has been deleted. The posts are gone!

Four of these posts were re-instated today, but as yet are not on the blog.

Such is life, and we will see where this leads. Time to back-up my blog, just in case, but for what purpose, if posts are deleted. I shall wait and see how the future unfolds.

I have already written a closing post, but keep pushing it two weeks away, as I come across things i feel like showing or saying. However, I am spending much less time looking at blogs, and tumblrs, and will continue to decrease this time. 

But, and this is a big but, Canada is not giving the second dose of the vaccine for four months, and this could be very deadly. The new mutation devastating India could be here soon, and we will not have protected any significant part of our society. Under 4% have had both doses to be considered fully vaccinated. Air flights have stopped from India and Pakistan, but the Canadian government is simply advising travelers to find a different way to get to Canada than from a direct flight. MADNESS!

Enjoy life

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Off Topic

Sad things happen in life, and yesterday was one of those days.

Thus, I have stopped doing political commentary on my real Facebook account (many days ago), and will desist any on this blog.

We all need to chill more, and enjoy whatever joys we can find in life.

Here is a site that has a lot of humor (or at least I thought it was funny after  two large glasses of nice red wine, and currently on a rather large Scotch)! 

Ridiculous Pickles (tumblr.com)

Very little political, maybe one out of a 100, so just click page down and keep smiling.

so, have some reason to smile today, and keep smiling.

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hand cuff challenge

 One of the newest fads on tik tok is the do it yourself hand cuff challenge!

You can see many videos of YOUNG women doing this, at

However, there is bondage on the site also, so you will have to go in about 14 posts deep to start seing the videos shown on my blog, and then many more

A rather intriguing idea. Watch one of the videos and see if you can duplicate the procedure, then let me know how it turned out.

I think I will give it a go, and let you know!

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spanking and sex

 Wondering what situation many people involved in spanking relate it to sexual activity.

Personally, we mostly now have solely a spanking for me, without sex until 24 to 48 hours later. Sort of makes the discipline more effective, and remembered. Short on the spot spankings for doing something upsetting to Cindy in the kitchen simply involves bend over, bare your bottom, and many spanks with a wooden utensil, and then carry on as though nothing has happened. (except that I have a sore bottom, and Cindy has relieved her upset).

Occasionally, we have a smallish spanking, and then make love, the spanking being foreplay.

Rarely is there ever a significant spanking and then make love, however never knowing what will follow is also titillating.. 

So, what happens in your household?

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