Happy to be spanked (Endart)

If the truth be told, most readers love to be spanked.

and although you are not smiling while the spanking is happening (unlike the lady above)
you might be smiling before the spnaking begins (outwardly or inwardly)
and if the spanking is interrupted, you are happy to continue being spanked after the interruption
In addition, you may even ask for a  REAL spanking, not a half assed one (pun intended)

Have you ever asked for the spanking to be continued to be certain you remember the reason you were spanked
or simply gone up to your partner and ask to be spanked
My answers would be yes to all of these.
This next one is for Baxter to dream about!!!!!!!!
and Wolfie also has the right idea
above from  https://wolfietoons.blogspot.com/2019/07/happy-holiday-weekend.html

bottoms up



in position

Always a pleasure to see photos like this now and then, and dream
 You know it is about to start, and wait to hear the noise of a spank coming
The wait can be unbearable
seems like the spanker has chosen some implement she really finds disturbing
Wondering when the spanks will start
 Waiting no longer
bottoms up



Weight loss regime re-visited with humor

Having been away on vacation,:
  • eating healthy in Europe
  • not snacking on the cruise ship
  • walking good distances daily
My weight dropped a few pounds. I am now hovering around 180 when I get up, but was 178 when I came home.

A nice philosophy
The goal is to stop eating CRAP!
I have started a new diet program
but I doubt it will work
so now,
Thus, something to remember

 and remember, you can always create your own happiness

Hope this was a good public service message for a change, as I go through trying to delete much of my saved items on my computer.

and if you do not control your weight 
Your wife is ready to spank you
 or happily use the cane
 or strap
She wants you for the long run, healthy, handsome, and not overweight



Now, that title should get a few hits to the blog.
 and men are happily waiting
however, these gifs still are every where on tumblr
and this is how a man should greet his wife occasionally or more often than occasionally
but, the title could have the following effect
Short, sharp spanks
and then powerful ones  to let you know not to ever say that, even in jest

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