The stairway to your spanking

When I am going to be strongly spanked, it almost always happens upstairs in our bedroom.
However, no implement is carried upstairs, as they are all in our bedroom.
Questions you might like to comment on!
1. Do you have a special room where you usually receive the majority of your significant spankings?
2. If upstairs, or somewhere other than the room you are in, do you follow, or do you lead?
3. What would be the main thought while you are following, looking at the back(side) of your partner?

a fun surprise can also await when you arrive home and look up the stairs with your wife waiting for you.
bottoms up



EndArt for women who enjoy being spanked (Ronnie, Bonnie, Hermione, StrictJulie, and so many more)

I can imagine
this woman to be

 hoping this is just the warm-up before being bare bottom and still being spanked.
 and saying these words after being spanked
and if they ever get together with another spanking couple, and P's shoulder is still bad, you could imagine this 
Whereas, if Cindy and I were to visit Cheryl and husband. I can imagine this to be my FATE.

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thought for today and also for Cheryl and her hubby

Hope all the ladies are listening.

a warm-up with a stone hard hand
and then Cheryl gets down to the real spanking
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Happy Spanker Tuesday

Delightful how so many spanking sites
now use pictures
of a woman smiling
holding a spanking implement
(and you can imagine posing for you to take a picture of her)
who is delighted she is about to spank you
Some of the smiles are delightfully WICKED!
And then, you can imagine you were spanked in front of a witness
and she is offering the person a chance to add to your spanking! (YOUR TURN NOW!)
or the smug self confidant smile
is wonderfully amazing

Does your wife smile before spanking you?


Does she have a big smile after you have been spanked?

bottoms up