your partner is waiting

Fun collection to whet the appetite
 in thinking what is about to happen
as she patiently waits
for you to bare
 your bottom
and bend over her lap
the longer you take, the harder the spanking
and she will be smiling as you oowww and ahhh
I have learned that little otk cane can be quite, quite effective
bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Nice photos! The last one shows a woman using a short cane with her partner over her knee. Do you have much experience of this type of cane? We have been thinking of buying one for my partner to discipline me at times when paddling would disturb the neighbors (we live in an apartment). How do short canes compare with long canes, are they more or less severe?

Red said...

anon: short canes take more effort than long ones, and long ones are more effective. However, when I stated this to Cindy, she showed me that a short cane can give a really significant spanking. You should purchase both types of canes, as the short cane is easy to pack when traveling. The only noise from a cane is the noise you will make while receiving the strokes
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips! A short cane sounds ideal for trips.

Terryg said...

Good pics, I love the stern look on the ladies faces!!