The old fashioned solution

Every marriage has its ups and its downs, but many of us have finally learned one SECRET SOLUTION

 and when it is needed
then the come here finger lets you know the spanking is about to begin
bottoms up time
and when you see a smiling woman and a respectful man together, you can almost imagine the answer if you had the nerve ot ask
 so, do not wait any longer to enforce respectful behavior.
bottoms up
and always remember


Anonymous said...

The pic with the caption, "then the come here finger lets you know the spanking is about to begin"...?

I've been over that lap! Didn't get the hairbrush but there was no doubt that I "got it!" from her. But good.

And had a great time!

Anonymous said...

The hairbrush was (after my own hand) the first implement I applied to L's derrière (as I had watched it being used by N -his late wife). I later added several other "tools", but the hairbrush is still in regular use, and I always make sure to pack it (along with the martinet) when we travel -as well as when we go out to any place where he may need a firm "reminder". The sound of the hairbrush whacking his bare bottom is a delight to hear!

Red said...

anon; sounds delightful

J: the hair brush was the first implement Cindy used also, and it was very effective. It is delightful to hear, and we make certain Cindy is talking while spanking to ensure anyone hearing knows who is being spanked

bottoms up