Spanked on the cruise ship

Our life is quite wonderful, but I need to be spanked regularly to help smooth out the rough edges.

Cindy is always willing to satisfy my need, along with her need.

Thus, music up loud, and the bath brush walloping away helped immensely.

One little sidelight is that later the next day Cindy heard the tv next door, and remarked that my spankings could possibly be heard. I agreed with her. Today we we’re entering our room when our neighbors were exiting theirs, and these are people she had talked with at trivia one day. OOPS

Obviously, no mention was made, but who knows what they may have heard. My only suggestion was that Cindy talk loudly when she pauses the spanking, so that anyone listening would know that she is the spanker.

Bottoms up


NoraJean said...

We had a whopper of a hotel experience last year, Red ... only in our case we were the listening party not the doers ... it was amusing ... and somewhat erotic :)) ... nj

Dan Mel said...

Sometimes I think it's better when people know you get spanked. There are several people who know I get spanked and it doesn't bother me. It kind of a relief not hiding it from some friends.

Anonymous said...

Pubic spanking (in hotel rooms, on board ships, out in the woods) always leave the chance someone will hear or even see. If your ship mates did hear spanking sounds, I'm sure they also heard your moans and ouches and ows. so they would be aware of who got the spanking. That could be embarrassing or maybe even lead to new friends. Who knows they may also be into spanking.

Anonymous said...

My lovely bride spanked me on our cruise to Bermuda in the fall. I must admit I felt some trepidation beforehand, but a drink at the sailaway and a little time to relax and I was more than happy to strip down and accept her discipline.

We brought along a rubber ruler for the job - it was easier to pack and somewhat quieter than the usual implements, but I don't think anything can really mask that sound from the neighboring rooms.

We did see our neighbors from time to time. Like you I was concerned that no one think any harm was coming to my bride. I think if anyone was listening, my vocalizations during the process would have erased any concern.

You try and be discrete, but hey, everyone's on vacation. You never know what you might hear! Enjoy your next cruise!

Anonymous said...

We have never been on a cruise ship, but I couldn't count the number of times I have been spanked or whipped in hotel rooms when we are traveling! (she always packs a hairbrush and the martinet in her suitcase!)... I know we have often been overheard - and J. has occasionally spanked me in the ladies' restrooms in a restaurant or an airport, as well as in the fitting rooms of a clothing store.

Anonymous said...

I like to make the point that I am the one who wears the pants in our couple - and not just for the benefit of my friends.

Anonymous said...

You made your point (again) this weekend with the rattan cane, the martinet ... and the riding crop! My backside will bear the marks of that session for several days - but I know I deserved it...


Red said...

Nora Jean; assuming what you heard were two adults, I believe I would have knocked on their door later that day, and try to get to know the people. You definitely missed a glorious opportunity to chat with another couple, as long as what you heard was consensual, and not simple assault. Similarly, maybe someday we might meet as couples.

Dan Mei: I agree. I think many more people are accepting of the fact, if they know it is consensual. I wish a few of our friends knew.

ARCHEDONE: ABSOLUTELY AGREE. What a delightful way to make new friends.

CK: great that you were spanked so early in your marriage. A life time of happiness to you both. Yes, it is true that they will hear the male voice owwing, and the sound of a bath brush is VERY LOUD. Also, if they were still in their room, they would hear the shouts of two wonderful orgasms (one for each of us)

L: delightful how often you need to be spanked.
J; very good idea. Wish Cindy would show this side to her friends.
L: be more diligent to reduce the spankings
bottoms up