It is time that I start searching more spanking blogs, than simply using tumblr for pictures, as reading and imagining is far more interesting than just observing.

Here is a wonderful blog,

With excellent captioned spanking art, that has been inexistence since 2014.

It is created by Phil Overbarrel, and has both  M/F and F/M spanking, which is a delight for me, and many others.

The most wonderful features it  has is that it also includes::
  • other people discovering  you are spanked
  • other people knowing you are spanked
  • other people seeing you be spanked
  • being spanked with another person being spanked at the same time
or the opposite scenarios of you being the spanker and your partner being the spankee.

The best feature is that it is not a one off standalone  art with talking bubbles, but a entire story is produced of 5 or 10 different art works and captions, l released over a number of days. This way you have a little suspense, and time to imagine what will be happening in the next posting.

This link will go on my frequently visited favorites, and when back from vacation, I can start to enjoy the site by starting reading back in 2014 forward.

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Men never get tired of looking at a woman's breasts. Maybe it started in infancy.
So, when you flash them, we are putty in your hands

and, it is a natural instinct for a male
a new way to drink tequila


 the aftermath
 and thus we readily accept the spanking
and are happy
bottoms up (need I say more)



DonwUnder Dreaming

Well, better late than never, so here is a shout out for a friend's blog from Australia.
Lindy is a female, who lives with her hubby Bear, and have been involved in TTWD for quite sometime.   (blogging since 2015)

She does not post often, but always thoughtful and delightful to read.

Worth a read, and finding out a bit about other people in the lifestyle.

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 it is the thought that counts

Go Visit


spanked twice in one day

This happened while we still were at home. We are currently traveling, but I wrote it before we left.

We had a small disagreement, this morning, about clothes to take away for the vacation. Cindy is clear on what she wants to take, which is minimalist, whereas I suggest she take more for variety. I suggest things that look nice, without considering what it would be worn with, or the sleeve length of the tee shirt or blouse.

Bottom line. Cindy is annoyed. A short while after we stopped I suggested that Cindy spank me so that she could get over her annoyance. She readily agreed. Bare bottomed, over her knee while she sat propped up on the bed. Many strong spanks with the bath brush, and two strong red spots on my sit spot when she was finished. 
All was well again. Later she asked: " Did you thank me, and I have to admit I was uncertain." As neither of us were certain, Cindy let it go.

Later in the day, we ordered a present for a grandchild on amazon, and that is always a difficult thing for us. I am reading one thing, and Cindy is reading another, and telling me where to click which does not always make sense. Cindy somehow gets uptight and nervous, which is ridiculous. We accomplished the task, but were grumpy after the fact.

Later, I suggested to Cindy that one of us should be spanked for the difficulty using Amazon, and I offered my bottom. Cindy immediately agreed. The immediacy was quite astonishing!

Bare bottomed, hands on the bed, bent at the waist, many strokes with Ronnie's (da*n) cane,  with pauses to ask if my arms were okay, am I tightening my stomach muscles, are my hands okay. Cindy does not use it strongly, but each stroke causes a involuntary out breath for me. Another pause to ask if I am breathing, which I replied yes. After a number more strokes, Cindy decided I should be prone on the bed (notice how I avoided the spelling of lieing (lying) on the bed) to ease my arms and specifically my hands. 
(Nicer to look at her bottom than mine)

Bare bottomed, over two pillows, bottom raised a number of strokes of extra strength before the spanking was finished. All is well. I definitely thanked Cindy for the spanking, no point in earning the trifecta in one day.

We later talked about how this should not be stressful, as opposed to driving to the mall, walking to the store, wandering the store, purchasing something, driving home, wrapping it, driving to the post office, and paying to have it delivered.

Spankings work for stress relief, and behavior management

We will be walking the beach front in Fort Lauderdale, if you read this the day it is posted.

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red spanked the next day

The day after Cindy was spanked, we were out with people where I thought I made a slightly humorous joke. Cindy did not enjoy it, and told me she was offended by it when we got home.

No guesses needed.

Upstairs, retrieve one of Ronnie's canes, and bare bottom, on my knees, upright like praying, on the spanking chair.

Many many short hard cane strokes were given, with my apologizing and grimacing.
A very quick method to solve a dumb problem.
I apologized, and promised to try and think before making a joke of this nature.  A flurry of cane strokes, with the admonition is that " YOU DO NOT MAKE JOKES ANYWHERE OF THIS NATURE."

Yes dear.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and all is fine. By the time this is posted, we will be on vacation.

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Question for the day- predict Ronnie's future

Which do you foresee in Ronnie's future?
Will P be spanked (ever)
 or if she suggests this on any given day, will this be Ronnie's Fate

Read about her dilemma here

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Happy days are here again

Everyday should be happy,  but when you are leaving for a couple of Caribbean cruises (21 days in total), things ae even better than normal.
So yes, we are off again, and I have left posts to occur while we are away, but uncertain if I can post your comments, even sporadically. I might even take some pictures like this for you.

However, they will get posted,, so please leave comments about anything you like, and you will see them when I return.
This is another good reason to get a blogger account, so that you can click notify yourself when new comments occur, and then you can see other comments, and my reply. Just be certain to use it in incognito mode of your browser.
Take a risqué selfie (Veronica being with Betty - times have changed from when we first imagined Archie and his gang)

(I am thinking of soon after arriving home, of turning off anonymous, because Shawn alias Richard, alias many other personas is worth blocking out.  He has even tried creating a blogger id, but when I clicked on it, it had only this one view, and if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and  waddles like a duck, it is probably Sean.  it is tiresome to read until I twig in that it is him, but rather delightful to know he wasted so much time writing his drivel. )
So enjoy life, it is the only one we get.

keep smiling
and realize no amount of justifying your actions will get you out of the spanking you deserve.
bottoms up


Cindy's turn to be spanked

The number one reason for Cindy to be spanked is to calm her anxiety. She sometimes gets very, very worked up, and does not easily listen to any explanation that might calm her down.

she had a little fit like this yesterday, and thus after a lot of shouting, where I can outshout her, she slowed and then stopped.  The anxiety was caused by trying to be too perfect with everyone and everything, instead of practicing some calming techniques.

When all was calm, and we had talked things out, she realized that she had " flown off the handle" . I wonder where that expression comes from, so very long ago in my youth. I looked it up and one reference to the head of a hammer flying off when the hammer was being swung.

I calmly said that if I had done that, I would have been spanked, so maybe you should be spanked!
Cindy replied: " you should spank me!"

We went upstairs immediately, bare bottom, over my knees, while I delayed the embarrassment by asking if her arms were okay, her shoulders, her hands. Cindy is embarrassed to be in this position, so best to enhance that feature, so she might think of it, if I say SPANKING if you continue!

In sets of two, with a pause between to talk why she was being spanked prolonged the punishment In total, just ten firm spanks with the hairbrush, and Cindy was buckling to get off my lap. As the number was quoted to be ten spanks, I permitted her to get up, and with a little prodding, she thanked me for her spanking.

I think it will be sufficient for quite a long time, but I also realize I will be spanked more often now for quite sometime.

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rule number two for vacation

We had a second session , of me both OTK and lying on pillows.
When on vacation, while cruising, we have FREE HAPPY HOUR for FOUR HOURS. if you have cruised for them numerous times, you reach a level where this happens. It is supposed to be only three drinks, but it really is unlimited in the massive area, with windows looking out on the ocean, and plenty of delicious hors d'oeuvres.  

First was the short tawse, after experimenting with a ancient finger paddle that had no breadth to the fingers, and hurt Cindy's wrist more than my bottom. It has since been thrown out. The tawse was extremely effective.
While the tawse was being used, today's lesson is that although those drinks are free, do Not have more than two per day, as they add to a lot of weight gain, and really the wine is subpar sometimes. 

Then, a pause occurred to review the first lesson: How long do I need to get ready without you bothering me? My reply: 45 minutes was received with a well done and many enthusiastic spanks.

Okay, now fix the pillows on the bed for the cane from your friend Ronnie. Two pillows on top of each other, makes my bottom an inviting target. Numerous cane strokes, both higher and lower had me ooooing and owwing, and feet dancing a little jig.

A review of both rules for the vacation, and then permitted to stand. I immediately thanked Cindy for the spanking.

Such an easy way to ingrain in a person's mind of how to keep the vacation enjoyable without little things bothering the vacation.

bottoms up

These two rules I will follow


A friend sent this to me re-posted

A friend sent this to me, and I thought you might enjoy the stages of a spanking life, from when you first asked your partner to spank you.  (I do not know why the pictures did not come out the first time, they were their on my screen each time I looked. NFL football games over for the day, so I only saw this now!

Hello Red,

when learning....

leads to practice,
leads to loving it,
leads to embracing it,
men are in trouble....
serious trouble...

Kind regards,


Thanks Marco and Lindsay.

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