One effective idea for the spanker
is to require the spankee to hold the implement they were spanked with after the spanking.
It gives them cause to think
about what they did
that caused them to be spanked!
It reminds them of how sore their  bottom is!
It also reminds them that they should reflect on what they did
so that they will not be so quick
to do it again
and thus find themselves in a similar position
This is an interesting idea instead of corner time
and any insincerity in apology
can result in more of a spanking
lovely red cheeks

Have you ever been required to hold the spanking implement after it was used to spank you?

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Absolutely! I am often required to either hold the implement with which I was soundly spanked while doing corner time, or it is laid over my back whilst I'm still 'in position'.TL PS - love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I've never been required to hold the implement after, but at times she will lay the implement on my bottom with the thought that she might feel like spanking me some more.

QBuzz said...

Definitely been made to hold the cane between my butt cheeks a few times!

Anonymous said...

In the context of your question Red, this would be of no relevance to our activities as there are no punishments in our house. However, the next implement I am going to be spanked with next has its uses as I can grip it tightly while been spanked thoroughly by the current implement!


Red said...

TL: thanks for sharing. Do tell more about your relationship as time goes by.

archedone: never held it afterwards either, but I do have to put them away ASAP, if not standing in the corner afterwards, which is indeed rare.

qbuzz; sounds like a decent idea. VERY SUBMISSIVE, and ther knowledge that it might be used again when permitted to release it.

yorkie: interesting method, of holding the next implement while being spanked with one implement.

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I’ve been required to hold the implement, usually the hairbrush before, but not after. Waiting with hairbrush in hand means your mind can never stray far from what is soon to come. It’s as if the nerve endings are pre-sensitized, making the spanking more effective from the first stroke.

I like the idea of holding it post-spanking, too. It’s right handy if you need additional spanks.

Red said...

anon: thanks for sharing about your spankings
bottoms up