waiting in position

So many interesting positions a person can be placed, and far more enjoyable to think of the positions, but the demonstration uses women instead of men.

Using a table for your forearms, and smiling as your spanker approaches
However, having your upper body completely on the table does imply a long spanking is about to begin 
 role play in a school uniform, and bending over the back of the chair, gripping the bottom of the legs of the chair
 Kneeling provocatively on the front of the chair
 but bending over the back of the sofa really presents the target well
Bent at the waist, using your hands to support you as youbend forward
pillows on the bed raise your bottom to the perfect height
but that damn cane certainly causes you to press downwards on the pillows
remember, this applies to both men and women

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Prior to being spanked I don't know what position Robyn wants me in. Standing there nude waiting to be told adds to the desire to be spanked. Once I'm told I get excited and position where and how she wants. It's wonderful that there are so many position one can be put in for a good spanking.

QBuzz said...

What a marvellous collection of derrieres! I would love to spank (or worship) any of them!

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Laughing my ass off about that Prince Harry beard video!

Joe said...

I have been spanked in most of these positions and a couple of others. Of course the implement of choice makes a difference.

Red said...

archedone: so very true, and being told how to position your bottom adds to the submissiveness of being spanked
Qbuzz: agreed
Dan: glad you liked the video..it is fun to watch
Joe: position and implement go hand in hand, or should I say implement to bottom.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

The woman's face in the first picture is beautiful. Slightly smiling back as she shows off her whole body. What a delight.


Red said...

archedone; it is wonderful to have so many different positions possible. Ps: only replying now because we were once again away for five days)

qbuzz: agreed

Dan: I included it because I also thought it was hilarious

matt: very true
bottoms up