Robyn gets spanked

Time for the tables to be turned with archedone and his wife Robyn: Archedone is a very faithful reader who comments regularly on my posts. Thanks for the comments archedone, and thanks for sharing a wonderful adventure...

The following was a comment on a post about women flashing their breasts.

Show me a man that does not like to see a flash of tit or nipple. I've seen a few that I was not sure they knew their nipple was on view and that made it better. 

On a side note Robyn got spanked (sort of). She has been flashing her bare bottom at home, and it's not what she does when she wants anal. If she wants anal she will just roll over in bed and wiggle her bottom. 

We had just walked into the bedroom and she flashed her bottom. She was about to take off her night gown (we sleep nude) when I stopped her and pressed on her back guiding her over the side of the bed. 

Do you want a spanking I asked? 
Yes, but it will hurt she said. I won't spank you harder than you want and with that I gave her bottom a few hand spanks. 

She moaned a little and I spanked a little harder. 

That got more moans and a few ow's.

I kept spanking then there was an ouch. I asked if she wanted me to stop. NO she said.

Then it's time to move on. I said "get up, strip and lay on the bed."
She did and now I dragged the belt across her cheeks and began giving her lite spanks. more moans and a few ow's. I looked between her spread legs and seen she was getting wet so the belt came down harder. Now she was arching presenting more of her bottom. Several more spanks and ouch ow and she was getting a nice red color. 
I then tapped her pussy with the belt and got a loud moan and she rolled over spreading her legs. I need you now take me. After we had sex I asked her how it was. I've been hoping you would get the message and spank me I loved it.

Archedone: please continue to let us know if Robyn is ever spanked again.

bottoms up


Joe said...

Nice story sounds like more spanking is In their future.

Anonymous said...

No spanking her since that time but I will keep you posted.

Red said...

Joe; delightful story
archedone: suggestions only....
you might like to show Robyn the post, so she might like to leave a comment.. if she does not like the post, you will be spanked... and if she wants the post taken down, I will do that for her...

also, if she does something that she realizes is very wrong, you might suggest that if you had messed up like that, you would be spanked, so maybe she might like to be spanked to help her feel better...

thanks for sending me the details, and do keep us posted
bottoms up