Clare Fonda / Jamie Foster

Well, am I ever naïve..

I have always loved the photo shoots with Clare Fonda, with her spanking both men and women.
Eventually, I saw some where Clare was being spanked!
and these changed into becoming more and more risqué photo shoots

and I was quite shocked...  

My NAIVITY caused me to be shocked!

BUT REALLY, why should Clare, or any person have to fit into someone's idea of how she lives in real life, which is NOT her professional career!
Well:  I hope Clare is happy
and that is alone can hope for any human being...

and, if you never knew before this post, say hello to Jamie Foster, another name for Clare Fonda



Just wish I could be a part of one of her photo shoots.

bottoms up
 enjoy life.. Jamie certainly is (I HOPE)


Baxter said...

The thing is that we don't know anything about each other and we do make up our minds about their lives. We all love spanking but we could be your next door neighbor or co-worker. I do wonder about some co-workers and their sexual preferences or kinks, but I will never know and that is fine.

juliesp said...

Ha ha! Love it! Living the dream!

Red said...

Baxter: so very true.

Juliesp: it definitely is different than what I expected, and hope she is happy.

bottoms up