calendar for the year

I wish I had seen this in January, when I might have ordered it. It would be delightful to see the contents, so if anyone owns this, or can google the months inside, do let me know..
of course,
 so, if he is confrontational
the only way to deal with it
 this IS one method when he needs to be shown who rules the roost (and the rooster)
Be certain to double the belt
 and apply firmly

bottoms up


Dan Mel said...

That one photo with the woman taken off her belt reminds me of my wife. If we are somewhere where she doesn't have her paddle or hair brush with her and she removes her belt like that it sends shivers down my sping because I know what's going to happen next.

QBuzz said...

I like the fact that the second picture can be read either way - imagine if it was the wife who is the brat and will be on the wrong end of those implements!

Red said...

Dan: I would imagine it is done for effect, and certainly accomplishes the effect desired.

qbuzz: true, but with the first photo, I chose the advice being given to the woman regarding how to deal with her husband

bottoms up