Waiting to be birched, is probably extremely worrisome
however, not as worrisome as when it is actually happening
Cindy recently used one piece only, not an entire bundle.
it was very effective, specially since it is very whippy if not too thick, as demonstrated in the next gif
This photo would show a very effective birching.

Have you ever been birched?

Cindy used a ready made bundle in Norway once, gently, but it was still very effective

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

I find the birch excruciating but delightful - like cold lemonade on a hot day. They’re sold by cable-iac.

- Rosco

Anonymous said...

I was birched once and it left bruises! She never did it again!


QBuzz said...

Mmm I've always fancied taking a birching

Michael M said...

When we had time a few years ago my wife would send me off to make a birch rod from trees ina wood nearby. The preparation of the rods and then the execution of the birching on my bare bottom was a very satisfying experience. I also made one from nylon rods and we still have this implement.

Anonymous said...

I have been birched more times than I can remember - first by N and now by J. It started when N and I went hiking in the woods and she cut herself a sturdy switch and ordered me to present my bare bottom. This became a fairly regular practice - but she also chose to (sometimes) bring the switch home for "indoor" use... and eventually decided that I should bring her a bi-monthly supply of switches (to be stored in a jar of water and vinegar). J. followed N's practice - with additional help from her sister! Warm weather (and vacations) are the prime switching season, of course, but the rest of the year, I can expect an (indoors) birching every other week...

Anonymous said...

Only once. We were hiking in a National Park. Very heavily wooded area. Robyn made a comment that she has never birched me. I said lets find one. We did and I cleaned it up, dropped my pants and bent over. the first one made me jump up WOW! did it sting. The second one got a loud OUCHHHHHHH from me. the third one broke the skin. And that ended that session and birching. Both Robyn and I are against drawing blood.

Red said...

rosco: easiest to walk in the forest and retrieve your own birch switches, or simply any switch will do.

mark: everything is intensity, and size of the implement... the birch was probably a branch, not a thin whippy switch.

Qbuzz: ask, and you may well receive.

micheal m: fond memories, and a delightful method of dominance / submissiveness of having to cut and make the birch bundle to be birched with.

L: sounds quite delightful (almost)

archedone: the thinness and the strength of the swing can determine if skin is broken, and also how smooth the switch is. Do try again, less strongly,, and when you have time to find the ideal switch that is smooth.

bottoms up