advice for the kitchen

Cindy really enjoys this method of solving little problems before breakfast
I tend to be a bull in a china shop some mornings
but have learned to think twice before barging on... Cindy picking this up, and this look, states my fate is sealed.
Her next words are bare your bottom and bend over
many many spanks are given, and I am dancing on the spot before the spanking has ended
occasionally I look back, hoping Cindy will stop soon
which sometimes works, and sometimes makes for a much much longer spanking resulting in a red bottom like this.
I have learned to wash my face when getting up, leisurely retrieve my iPad, and hug and kiss Cindy first thing in the morning, so as to start the day leisurely and lovingly. It is much better for both of us.

Many photos are from  https://woodenspoonguy.tumblr.com/

Are you ever spanked before breakfast for something you did or did NOT do?

bottoms up



an English Rose said...

hi red, Oh I hate a wooden spoon!
love Jan, xx

Red said...

Jan: it is rather effective, specially since a minute or two beforehand, you had no idea you were about to be spanked.
bottoms up