yahoo or blogger are making life difficult

Something has changed, but I know NOT what at Yahoo or at Blogger. Previously, any comments to my blog would be sent to my Yahoo account for viewing, and I could read the comment before posting it. I could also delete the comment, stopping significant spam from entering the comment stream.
However, this is no longer happening. I was quite surprised to be on blogger, and see a number of comments awaiting moderation.
When I clicked to post them, they appear on the blog, but do not get sent to my Yahoo account like they used to. Having them in Yahoo permits me to reply to comments on older blog posts, as I can simply click to the post, reply, and then go back to Yahoo and delete the message. This is now impossible. I would have to be on blogger, and meticulously go through each comment and link to the post to comment, and keep  track of where I last left off. Way too much effort besides posting.
So, I will only be replying to comments for the last four or five posts, unless this somehow sorts it self out.

Whoever created this change should be treated the way the above photos indicate.

bottoms up


Hermione said...

Hi Red,

It is a new Blogger "Feature" that appeared last week after the latest implementation rollout. Numerous people have complained, and Blogger technicians are at work fixing it. The comments should once again be coming to your email either today or next week.

I am receiving email comments on posts on other people's blogs that I had subscribed to.

Anonymous said...

I also noticed you didn't get or reply to my comments and about a week ago I read Hermione and she explained what was going on. The intelligent heads made a change and didn't know what problems it would cause. Seems they were fixing a problem that didn't need fixing, something like our elected officials do all the time.

Red said...

Hermione: thanks for the update. I am also receiving comments on other blogs. Thanks Hermione.

archedone: I am trying to catch up with comments, but only go back the last three or four posts. Searching everywhere is impossible. Thanks for understanding.
bottoms up