waiting your turn

Continuing on the fantasy of the phots of a person waiting to be spanked.... The added dimension is that two people (or more) are going to be spanked, and you are to be the second person spanked.
Maybe it is worse if you can hear the spanking, and hear the wails and spanks, but cannot see the feet dancing..
However, actually watching the person's bottom getting reddened is worse, knowing that you will soon experience the same thing

 Maybe the strength being used with the wooden paddle, and the reddened area quickly turning grey alarms you.. but really the determination of the face of the spanking would be the most frightening.
 The stoic delivery method certainly is daunting, if you are waiting to be spanked
However, waiting bare bottomed certainly amps up the feeling of the immediacy of your spanking, with no chance of any covering for your bum
 I am certain a roadside switching will convince you to avoid and arguments or discussion of the driver's ability to drive
being in position, bare bottomed, listening to the spanks and the yelps of your friend being spanked, certainly scares  you silly (but you dare not move)
 now it is your turn, young lady, although you are 20, you just saw your mother be spanked, so bare your bottom for your spanking.(Love / Hate the tawse he is holding)
and then, your spanking begins
bottoms up



QBuzz said...

Love the mother/daughter scene! Would like to see the rest of that series but I expect it's been long lost

Red said...

qbuzz; most likely lost, but if you ever find it do share with me and my readers
bottoms up