waiting your turn to spank him

Another fun fantasy are the pictures used in the scenario where another woman is waiting her turn to spank him...
First the tawse, but the second woman has a cane waiting behind her
 She might appear to be reluctant to help in the spanking at the beginning
 but happily, with a big smile, joins in with his spanking
 her friend shows her how to cup her fingers a little to spank certain areas
 next time, you wait patiently for turn to spank him
 and when it is your turn, your feriend hands you the implement to use
Your friend might even demo of how effective a birching can be, with the feet dancing from such a nice bundle of birches.
 I think we should spank him some more, there are some areas not red enough
 oh, the fun of it all
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Ha! Love that last one!


sissysnow said...

do you think the lady with the broken forearm is a lefty or is he getting off lightly?

Anonymous said...

I feel any man that accepts being spanked would love to have two women working his bottom over. Maybe each one taking a cheek to see who is the better spanker or who can make him do the spanking dance first. Two women could have so much fun putting him in different positions to receive his spanking.

Baxter said...

wow, great photos. who wouldn't want two women looking out for the best for a guy, giving him a spanking he wouldn't forget?

Michael Thomas said...

Cool pics wish you had some Asian female spanking

Anonymous said...

Pix # 1,2 & 4 are good reminders of what I can expect when we visit J's sister this Summer (and of how it was last Summer) :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed!... But, meanwhile, you know you will be spanked and/or whipped several times before we go to France (and B. will hear about it)...

Red said...

Yorkie: and so very true.

snow; who knows???

archedone; a very pleasant dream, but reality might be not so much fun... Some sites show very severe beatings, but I never use those photos.

Baxter: agreed

Michael: many on the net so search a bit.

L and J: a fun summer holiday in in store for all three people involved
bottoms up