Waiting alone

Some versions of corner time before you are spanked
such as:  get my belt and wait in the corner for your spanking
or, get the tawse, hike up your skirt, and pull your panties down, and wait fo rme
 or: put the spanking chair in the middle of the room, with the hairbrush on it, and wait with your bum on display in the corner
stand with your hands behind your head in front of the window, and wait
 better yet, stand with your bottom bared and looking out the window
 sit on the chair in the corner, and wait, because it is the last time you will sit comfortably today
nose and bare breasts touching the wall, I will bare the rest of you for your spanking
 undress except for your panties rolled underneath your bum, and wait for me
then when I arrive, assume the position to be spanked
Far more delightful photos of scenarios than if these were men posing
bottoms up



Dan Mel said...

Standing in the corner waiting to be spanked is the worse especially when my wife calls me and tells me I am going to be spanked when she gets home from work and to be naked and in the corner and she arrives home over an hour past her usual time. I don't dare leave the corner or I will get it harder.

Red said...

Dan: very daunting indeed, and thanks for sharing. I wonder if any other readers have this experience.
bottoms up