I think many people might agree with this quote
of course, when the spanking time is here
One might wonder why being spanked ever had an attraction for you
Afterwards, a red hot bottom reminds you of the love

bottoms up



Dan Mel said...

That is so right. Spankings make me feel loved. I know my wife spanks me out of love. If she didn;t love me she wouldn't take the time and effort to correct me.

Anonymous said...

My interest in spanking started in my early teens, but I didn't tell Robyn about it until we had been married 2 years. She was not all for it but said she would try it. About a month later she seen the benefits of spanking me and now enjoys it. It has brought us closer together and shows me she loves me enough to change bad habits and she loves the way it can lead to sex. I do wonder about many pictures I see where men are being spanked with their jeans and underwear down to their knees. When Robyn spanks me she wants me naked and that is the way I present myself to her.

Yorkie69 said...

I always feel connected to my wife after a spanking as she gives me what I crave from deep down in my innermost being. The last one just last Friday was probably the best yet. Maybe because she suggested it which is quite significant.


Red said...

Dan: very true
archedone: Wonderful for both of you, and Cindy and I, that we finally got the nerve to tell our wife about our spanking desires. I am spanked on the spot quite often, and it is a quick bare your bottom, and many quick sharp spanks and the problem is solved.
Leon: glad you get it
Yorkie: it is both wonderful and daunting when your wife states you will be spanked.
bottoms up