Starting the vacation

I have left posts, but will have fun writing little updates.

Cindy is currently in the shower, so waiting and relaxing.

Cindy was just spanked! Lovely bare bottom over my knees for a hand spanking. Fourteen spanks, for in my words being “ miss Priss”, as in far too fussy about everything, for no reason whatsoever.

Cindy sometimes gets uptight, and this should help her to relax and go with the flow. If not, she will be back over my knees.

Position of the front window where the couch is would have permitted someone to see my hand rising and falling, but no one would have seen Cindy.

Fun times while on vacation.

Bottoms up


Anonymous said...

'Cindy must learn, or her bum will burn'.....Best wishes and have a nice holiday.

Marco (from Lindsay).

Red said...

Marco: occasionally this does happen to Cindy. Much more often for me. Thanks for the good wishes, we are having a delightful time
Bottoms up